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Superman - The Man of Steel

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Welcome to /r/superman! Our community is open to all walks of life and fandom - all we ask is that you follow the rules to ensure that everyone feels welcome. Please refer to the LUTHOR List of Villainous Deeds to be Avoided:

  • Laughing at others or otherwise being a bully
  • Using the group for spam
  • Talking about spoilers without proper tagging
  • Hateful, vulgar, or violent words or imagery
  • Off-topic and/or controversial subject-matter
  • Revealing pirated footage

Posts which break our rules will be removed and appropriate action will be taken based on the severity of the infraction, from a simple warning to ~~banishment to the Phantom Zone~~ banning.

To use the spoiler tag to hide information in your comments, use the following method:

[spoiler](#s "Clark Kent is Superman")

Recommended Reading

Early Years:

Man of Steel

Secret Origins

Superman: Birthright

Superman for All Seasons

Superman: Kryptonite

Superman and the Men of Steel

Later Years:

For the Man Who Has Everything

Lex Luthor: Man of Steel

The Death of Superman

For Tomorrow

Last Son of Krypton

Superman: Brainiac

DC One Million

Alternate Reality Stories:

Superman: Speeding Bullets

Superman: Red Son

Superman: Secret Identity

All-Star Superman

Superman: Earth One

Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow?

Kingdom Come

Superman Unchained

Recommended Viewing

Live Action

Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman

Man of Steel



Superman II


Justice League: The Complete Series

Superman: Doomsday

Superman: Unbound

Superman: The Animated Series

Superman vs. The Elite

Recommended Subreddits













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