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> READ BEFORE POSTING > > > DO NOT POST YOUR CURRENT SEASON PICKUPS. > > > WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT ITEMS ARE BEING RELEASED, HOW FAST THEY WILL SELL OUT OR WHAT SIZE YOU NEED TO PURCHASE > > RULES > > > Read the rules before creating a post: Subreddit Rules. > > USE THE SIDEBAR/SEARCH BEFORE POSTING A QUESTION. > > FAQ > > A lot of your answers might be found here. If you still don't have an answer to your question USE THE SEARCHBAR. If you still have not found an answer to your question then it is OK to post a thread. > > POST TAGS > > Most submissions require a tag. Choose the most appropriate one by using the drop down menu. For those who don't know how to tag posts please read: How to tag posts. > > FS/FT TAGS > > Tag your pictures with your Reddit username written clearly next to the item you're selling/trading. > > Sale Post Format > > Optional code examples to create sale post

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