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Are you a kook?! Check out the /r/Surfing WIKI page! It's full of helpful information and if you ask something covered in it, you may be taunted, hassled, shamed, bullied or given the wrong answer on purpose.

Aloha Friend

Welcome to the sport!

Please, before you ask any questions about your new board, or learning, or etiquette, or whatever, check out the /r/surfing WIKI page.

The whole community worked on it, and it's got a ton of info. Afterwards, if you still have questions, feel free to post.

Be warned, if your self post makes it obvious you didn't read the WIKI, someone may give the wrong advice, on purpose, just to be an asshole.

About /r/surfing

Questions & Self Promotion

As always, anything goes at /r/surfshops where you can flog surfing's corpse in pursuit of the almighty dollar.

Show us Your Stick

  • If you are going to post pictures of your new or favorite board, please include the dimensions.

  • Do not post any personal information about anyone, names, address, phone numbers, dick size, bra size, you get the point. Do so and you will be banned.

Username Flair

  • Want it to say where you surf and what you ride next to your name? Look above this for the little thing that says (edit) next to your username in the sidebar. Enjoy

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2016 Title Winner JJJF & Tyler Wright

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