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Syria's Civil War (2011—ongoing)

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News, analysis, discussion and investigative journalism of the conflict in Syria along with the regional and global ramifications.

TAKE NOTE: Formal warnings can now carry with them 24 hour bans, at moderator's discretion.

Moderators enforce civility, not ideological compliance.

Visit our sister community, /r/MENAConflicts, for in-depth coverage of the conflicts throughout the broader Middle East and North Africa.

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SyrianCivilWar Rules

  • 1) Keep all discussion civil. If you see a comment that isn't, report it.

  • 2) Offensive, violent, bigoted or abusive posts and comments or those including ad hominem attacks, juvenile sexual remarks or dehumanizing language will not be tolerated.

  • 3) Racist, sectarian, or otherwise bigoted comments will result in an immediate ban without warning.

  • 4) Posts dedicated to recruiting for or materially supporting the conflict will be deleted without warning.

  • 5) Sarcastic comments that contribute nothing to the discussion will be deleted without explanation.

  • 6) Quotes from articles can be used as the title of your submission provided that it does not take away from the message of the article.

  • 7) If your post links to content with a biased or editorialized title, adjust the title so it is presented in a civil and unbiased manner.

  • 8) Posts cheering death or trivialising violence, particularly against civilians, will be removed and warnings will be issued.

  • 9) Comments not directly contributing to the conversation and/or serving as a distraction might be removed by the moderators, but no warning will be issued.

  • 10) Automoderator will automatically remove comments containing sectarian and offensive language. Warnings will still be issued for comments automod catches.

  • 11) If you are warned, you will receive a message from a moderator stating as such and might receive a 24 hour ban. On your third warning, you will receive a ban. First time bans: 7-14 days. Second time bans up to 30 days; length in both cases is up to the moderators' discretion. Habitual offenders will be issued permanent bans.

  • 12) AMAs from users with interesting personal stories or perspectives relating to the conflict, while encouraged, must be vetted by the mods and scheduled. All spontaneous IAMA/AMA posts not vetted will be deleted and a warning against their submitters will be counted.

  • 13) This forum is intended for up-to-date news and analysis of the conflict. If you wish to post older content for added context please do so in the comments section of a relevant thread.

  • 14) The moderators of this subreddit reserve, in extreme circumstances, the right to exercise disciplinary measures based on violations witnessed in modmail or PMs and the right to arbitrarily discipline users for violations of the spirit of the rules or disruption of the subreddit's healthy functioning. In such cases the community will receive a report in the form of a detailed post, in the interest of transparency.

  • 15) Tweets and other links that are from blacklisted sources or otherwise do not meet the submission criteria will be removed. For more information on what the submission criteria are, refer to this post.


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