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Gaymers do it on the Table

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A community for gender and sexual minority individuals and their allies who enjoy board, card, pen and paper, tactical, or other physical table-top games.

Topics are not exclusive to tabletop gaming, as this is a community subreddit. Moderation will be extremely light, and largely falls back to the community to determine what is, and is not, appropriate.

In short, this is the right place if you're an open-minded gamer who does it on the table. :-P

This subreddit is loosely affiliated with the /r/gaymers subreddit community. If you're a gaymer (basically anyone who would subscribe here), you probably should check it out!

A couple other subreddits to check out:

  • /r/gaymers - General subreddit for LGBT game enthusiasts and their allies. This is non-topical, and literally built around community interests.

  • /r/gaymenight - A subreddit dedicated to tabletop RPGs, includes a focus on playing tabletop RPGs in a distributed fashion over the internet.

And don't forget to hang out with other gaymers on our IRC channel: #gaymers

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