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/r/taiwan: Welcome to Taiwan!

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General Rules

This subreddit is filled with knowledgeable people who can answer your questions, but first do your homework and think about what you're posting. Be advised that violation of this subreddit's rules can result in temporary or permanent bans.


  • Use the search or our Wiki before asking questions.


  • No racism
  • No doxxing, personal info, or witch hunts
  • No flamebaiting/wars
  • No "Upvote if..." titles/posts
  • Remain on topic (e.g., Taiwan)
  • Be polite & don't harass others
  • No low-effort or title-question-only posts (Explain yourself. If your question is really simple, put it in the weekly discussion post.)

Visa-Related & Legal Advice

  • We can give advice, but you should check with officials. We're not lawyers. :)

  • Dial 1955 for labor, visa, work questions for foreign workers in Taiwan.

  • For Local Emergencies, dial:

    110 - Police/Ambulance

    119 - Fire Dept.

General Posting

  • Show Courtesy: We get it, people have different opinions. Don't bash people because they ask questions about education, because you're pan-blue/green and they're not, etc.

  • Do not downvote based on your opinion; only do so for posts that do not contribute to the discussion/community or violate the anti-harassment stance of this sub.

  • Please use article titles when posting news stories or otherwise. This helps to avoid going against other posting/commenting rules.

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  • /r/China
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Taiwan Group Subs

  • /r/PokemonGoTPE
  • /r/PokemonGoTW

Special thanks to /u/ShrimpCrackers! for the sub design

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