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What this sub is:

  • Gifs that have been edited to add gratuitous amounts of blood and gore to make them AWESOMER!

What this sub is not:

  • Gifs from actual Tarantino movies or any other film unedited
  • Gifs depicting real life blood and gore

Have a gif you think would benefit from a splattering?

  • Submit it as a self post
  • Labeled it with [REQUEST] in the title

Submitting a Gif?

  • If you made it, mark it as Original Content by adding "[OC]" to the title or adding a comment to the post
  • If you didn't make it, that's fine, just make sure it follows the above rules
  • Please include a link to the source as a comment where possible
  • If you are reposting a GIF from this sub, please link to the original or give a shout-out to the creator as a comment

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Need a little something extra in your gifs? Visit /r/gifextra

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