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Tech Support Gore

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> Possibly NSFL

> Check out our new IRC channel!

> Server: > > Channel: #techsupportgore > > or use the webclient

> Rules:

>1) No posts with just cracked screens! If that device / phone has more than a cracked screen, then post it. > > 2) No posts about just dusty computers, they are rarely cringeworthy! Dusty computer pictures should be submitted to /r/dustypcs. > > 3) Post software carnage to /r/softwaregore. Error messages do not constitute 'gore'.

> 4) Your post actually has to be tech gore!

> /r/techsupportgore will not pay for your psychiatrist/mental health care consultant after seeing our content.

> Only you can prevent techsupportgore. You and /r/techsupport.

> Further subreddits of interest: /r/talesfromtechsupport /r/technology /r/techsupportmacgyver /r/oddware /r/algoreTechSupport

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