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This is your reference for all those horrible memes your relatives share on facebook. Dont be fooled by the name though, regardless of where the meme comes from, as long as its in the terrible meme spirit, we want to see it!

This is not a subreddit for showcasing satirical or ironical memes, only the lowest of the low memes that are bad in an unintentional way.

These rules have been recently updated and revised. Please take the time to sift through them and understand before posting or commenting to avoid sanctions.

  • Always make sure any and all personal or traceable information is censored or cropped out of your post. Any post found to be violating this rule will be removed without notice.

  • Please keep your posts on topic. Avoid posting memes that are "Dank" or deepfried for example. We only memes that were made without the intention of being terrible, but that are just so by nature.

  • In an effort to keep the content as fresh and as entertaining as possible, please do not repost and use tools such as Karma Decay to ensure you aren't posting an overused washed up meme. Repeat offenders will be banned.

  • SATIRE AND POSTS MADE IRONICALLY ARE NO LONGER PERMITTED. Any satirical post will be removed on site. This also includes posts made to be intentionally terrible.

  • Make sure your NSFW posts are tagged appropriately.

  • Do not witch hunt or incite witch hunting.

  • Remain respectful and polite to others. The themes of some of our content can sometimes spark heated debates, and while we are against censorship, we'd also like to remind all of you that we live in a common ground, and that respect is the basis of our coexistance. Extended debates will be removed, and political siding should stay at a minimum.

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