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Idk what to put here

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Terrible memes. Terrible memes everywhere.


  • Failure to comply and follow these rules may warrant a ban and/or removal at the discretion of the moderation team. If you feel a post or comment breaks any of these rules, please report them immediately.

  • 1.: We do not accept posts that were made with the intention of being satirical. This includes obvious satire posts or posts that are unclear whether satire or not coming from a source which actively publishes satire. Moderators will decide or not if the post is appropriate or not.

  • 2.Post Imgur or Reddit uploaded links only. All other links will be removed automatically by our bot.

  • 3.No personal information! Crop it out, erase it, or censor it. It shouldn't be found anywhere on the picture.

  • 4.Facebook is a great place to find terrible memes, but we love all memes terrible here, regardless of where they come from. As long as it's in the terrible Facebook meme spirit, post it!

  • 5.Screenshots are accepted as well given that you follow the rules.

  • 6.Under most circumstances, we will not accept reposts that do not follow the 2 week minimum delay. This means if a same image has been submitted before within a 2week delay, your post is subject to removal.

  • 7.Make sure that your post stays on subject with the topic of this subreddit(Terrible/Bad Memes).

  • 8.Refrain from being excessively rude and always follow the rediquette(This includes harsh comments, racism, discrimination, etc. Have some decency and think before you post.)

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