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Tesla Motors (Tesla, Inc)

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Updates - May 22 / Discord Chat

"Elon Tweetstorm + Topic" will be flaired for past + future posts. See Rule 3 (bottom) for quick searches
Free Supercharging Extended!
Updated Referral program!
Solar Roof orders open
Software Update 17.17.4
New simplified chassis structure with Model Y
Tesla Blog Post regarding Supercharger Expansion
Updated Supercharger Map
Project Loveday (Fan-made commercial creations)
Model 3 Final Design unveil in July
Subreddit Rules Update
Pickup Truck unveil 2 years away
Next-Gen Roadster will be convertible
Tesla Semi unveiling September 2017
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Sub Rules

1) Questionable Content
  • Content will be removed on a case-by-case basis based on the following:
  • Strict Reddiquette
  • No intentionally provoking. Be nice.
  • Circumventing rules or avoiding a temp ban will result in a permanent ban
  • Low-effort/quality content or memes
  • Indications of stock manipulation
  • Impolite political conjecture
  • Posting images without providing credit or source
  • Posting Referral Links or Model 3 ‘Thank You’ gifts
  • Intentional spreading of misinformation or posting content without citation or requested verification
  • Common questions that have been answered
  • Note regarding "Software Updates" posts:
  • Software Updates are deployed in batches. See EV-FW for releases pushing to cars
  • Posts asking how to force an update, or asking if others have received it; will be removed
  • Software Update posts without release notes; will be removed
2) About Tesla
  • Posts must be about Tesla:
  • Posts which are not directly related must have relation in the form of a question or comparison
  • Posts about other EV manufacturers should be posted in r/ElectricVehicles
  • Extreme Elon Musk fandom should be posted in r/ElonMusk
3) Search First
4) Weekly Thread Instead
  • Sunday ‘Experiences’ Thread (sticky) for:
  • Order Confirmations
  • Delivery Day Photos
  • Delivery Transport Photos
  • Vehicle Spotting (case-by-case)
  • Vanity Plates
  • Toy items you purchased
  • Baked goods
  • Monday ‘Investor’ Thread (sticky) for:
  • All posts related to Tesla Stock (TSLA)*
  • *Exception: 1 week before investor/earnings calls

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