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Latest News
Model 3 Tracker by Bloomberg
Model 3 Tracker by u/Teslike
Model 3 Invites Sheet - (Hover for Form)
Tesla Vehicle Comparisons by u/110110


1. Questionable Content
  • 1. Questionable Content
  • Case-by-case basis
  • 1a. Post Type Specific
  • • No Low effort/Quality Content (no memes)
  • • No Sensationalist or Betteridge's Law Headlines (+)
  • • No unsafe self-recorded Autopilot videos (post w/mount or passenger recording instead) (+)
  • • No Images without providing credit/source, verification may be requested
  • • No Referral Links or Product Spamming
  • • No minor vehicle issues, or accidents. Potentially significant AP failures or limitations will be allowed.
  • • No very localized news (such as Model 3 coming to a new showroom) - Initial Regional/Market News Allowed.
  • 1b. User/Comment Specific
  • • We are strict with Reddiquette. Be nice.
  • • No Provoking/Trolling, posting misinformation, or insulting the community
  • • No Indications of stock manipulation, or impolite political commentary.
  • • No Referral Links or Product Spamming
  • • No cross-posting to other subreddits without NP link to avoid vote manipulation.
  • • No Purposefully triggering a bot, bypassing rules, or avoiding a ban.
  • We allow all discussion (positive AND negative) despite what people may tell you. Please be respectful and provide fast-based citations. Also, keep in mind and be cognizant of where users tend to comment, it may help better understand whom you're replying to.
  • Items with (+) were recently added or adjusted. Read more here
2. About Tesla Inc.
  • 2. About Tesla Inc.
  • Posts must be about Tesla Inc:
  • • Posts which are not directly related must have relation in the form of a question or comparison
  • • Posts about other EV manufacturers should be posted in r/ElectricVehicles
  • • Posts about Elon Musk directly, without a Tesla-specific relation should be posted in r/ElonMusk
3. Topic Repost
4. Q&A/Experience/Investor Megathreads
  • For items that benefit the individual
  • Question + Answer sticky thread for:
  • For questions that don't typically require large discussions
  • Experiences sticky thread for:
  • These will be determined on a case-by-case basis, typically on expected popularity
  • Common/Searchable Personal Experiences
  • Vehicle or VIN Sightings (S, 3, X)
  • Order Confirmations
  • Delivery Day Photos
  • Delivery Transport Photos
  • Vehicle Customization
  • Blogs/Vlogs + Racing Videos
  • Vanity Plates
  • Toy items / Baked goods
  • Investor Thread for:
  • For all posts related to Tesla Stock or Financials
  • This is posted every 2 weeks (on Monday)
  • This post will become an active sticky near earnings call announcements

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Owners Section

Vehicle Software Megathreads
EV Firmware Upgrade Tracker
AP2.0 Firmware Feature Tracker
How-To Videos by u/rcnfive
Model 3 Delivery Checklist (u/Tesrella)
General Delivery Checklist
Universal Mobile Connector Guide
Tesla Support Info
  • For any customer issue, call (877-798-3752), tweet us (@teslaservice - currently inactive) or email us (
  • For Body shop or collision repair issues, get a Tesla Body Shop Customer Advocate to assist you by emailing us ( or calling 877-798-3752 (press 2, then 4).
  • To escalate any issue, log into your Tesla account, click Support and then Executive Escalation.
  • - Thanks, Jon - Thank you Jon for everything. Best of luck!

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