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Team Fortress 2

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This subreddit is dedicated to Team Fortress 2 by Valve Corporation.

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Competitive TF2

Want to get started with or have questions about competitive TF2? & have answers!

Also consider checking out this guide to starting competitive play.

Coverage - NA/EU TF2 6v6 Casting

eXtv eSports - NA TF2 Casting


Essentials.TF - EU TF2 6v6 Casting

KritzKast - TF2 Community News & EU Casting

Chapelaria - BR/SA TF2 Casting


ETF2L - EU 6v6/HL League

ESEA - Premier NA 6v6 League

ozfortress - AU/NZ 6v6 League

UGC - NA/EU HL/6v6/4v4 League

TFCL - NA HL/6v6/4v4/2v2 League - NA Pick/Ban Prolander League

Ready Steady Pan - 6v6 Pan only League

AsiaFortress - SEA 6v6 League

Chapelaria - South-American TF2 League


TF2 Live Streams

Team Fortress 2 streams on

Known Recent Game Issues

  • Various issues after Jungle Inferno and common fixes are being tracked here

  • Archive

Come have a chat in the official IRC channel!

#r/tf2 @

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  1. Interested in competitive Team Fortress 2? EU 6v6 Newbie Mixes every Saturday @ 20:00 CEST (check the Steam Group for more info)

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