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Deep Dark Water

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Pictures and videos, fiction or real, related to the deep dark water that make us really uncomfortable.

If you see a repost, please report it!

thalassophobia - fear of the sea

megalohydrothalassophobia - fear of large things in water

We have both!

Repost rules:

A link is considered a repost if,

  1. If thine link is already in the Hall Of Fame in the sidebar.

  2. If thine picture or moving picture has been used in less than 3 months. After this period you may use it again.

  3. If the picture is in the first 2 pages of the "top: all time" section.

If you see a repost, please click on the report button and fill in the box "repost". After this we will decide whether to delete the post or not! (The word "repost" followed by an irrelevant funny one-liner is not necessary but will give us a good laugh). Please don't post a comment saying: "Jesus, this is the 100th time this picture has been posted". Just use the report button and that's it!

Look out for the yellow "Exemplary" flair! We the mods give this flair to all the links which we believe are in line with our idea for what the content for /r/thalassophobia is supposed to look like!

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Submitting and commenting rules.

  • Check if the submission really is related to thalassophobia. For example, pictures of sharks may be scary but they are not always thalassophobia inducing! Pictures of caught fish/sea creatures are NOT related!

  • No excessive memes, jokes or comics. Put them in the comments! We only want serious thalassophobia related content.

  • Don't use the line "I was told to post this here" or something like "OMG so creepy!". We are here to enjoy or get scared by thalassophobia related pictures, we are not Facebook.

  • If your submission is a piece of art or animated, then please give it the appropriate flair!

  • Don't leave nasty comments if a title is either spelled wrong, didn't follow the rules or if it is a repost. People make mistakes while writing a title, no need to make them feel bad about it. And if you think a post is a repost, just use the report button. Yelling at people doesn't solve anything!

  • Don't post irrelevant comments like "Nope", "Fuck that" or anything similar. It's unnecessary and annoys other people.

Hall of fame

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