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>###The meltdown is coming from inside the house!

Primarily a place to share the 2016 Election-related meltdowns from your friends, family, fellow Redditors, celebrities, and more. Other types of meltdowns are also welcome.

What kind of content should go here? People melting down! While this is mainly a political subreddit, we appreciate all types of over-the-top reactions.

Think of it as a combination of /r/PanicHistory and /r/SubredditDrama. This is not a sub for shitposting memes, but a sub for documenting how very, very sad this election is making people.


While this subreddit is primarily made for mockery, do not go out to specifically antagonize or harass people just for the purposes of ginning up more content. People are going to be angry enough without your help.


  • Make sure your comments meet the most basic standards of civility: no racial slurs, homophobic slurs, or otherwise over-the-top flames / hate speech. Statements on the level of "are you really that delusional?" or "you're an idiot" are typically fine, just express some basic level of decency. Some mod discretion may be applied here if needed.

  • Don't brigade. If someone links to another subreddit, forum, Facebook page, etc., feel free to react or mock them in the comments here, but don't join in on the conversation being linked to.

  • "No Participation" links for Reddit submissions are required. This means replacing the "www." in your Reddit link with "np." instead. For further information, read this link from SRD's rules. Alternatively, simply submit a screenshot.

  • No witchhunting / doxxing / personal information. Not my rule, but a good rule nonetheless. Block out the real names of anyone that isn't "famous" when posting social media screenshots (e.g. your friends in a Facebook screenshot).

  • No memes or image macro bullshit. Submissions should primarily be relating to specific cases of people freaking out (pictures of, links to, or articles about freakouts), although other, non-meme submissions (e.g. meltdown-related political cartoons) will be allowed... until it gets out of hand.

  • Make sure you're submitting something that's actually at least somewhat compelling. Your ex-roommate saying "wow, I can't believe people actually voted for Hillary" on Facebook isn't the type of high-octane meltdown drama we're looking for.

  • Finally, this isn't a court of law, and this subreddit probably won't be active for more than a month or so, so don't flip your shit if these rules change or are arbitrarily enforced. Click the "message the moderators" link below if you feel your first amendment rights are being curtailed by fascist mods.

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