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Martin Schulz für das Amt des Kandesbunzlers!

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Please send press inquiries to or via modmail. Accounts on Facebook, Twitter etc. are not run by the moderators of this subreddit.


(1) Es ist ausschließlich fürsprechende Propaganda für Martin Schulz zu pfostieren.

(2) Jegliche Art der Rede gegen Martin Schulz wird mit sofortiger Verbannung auf Lebenszeit geahndet.

^(Ähnlichkeiten mit anderen Unter auf Lases sind rein zufällig.)


Gottkanzler Schulz empfiehlt die Nutzung vom großen ß, ẞ. Man muss lediglich Shift + Alt Gr + ß auf der Tastatür drücken und schon hat man ein ẞ.

Werden hier Bots für den Wahlkampf eingesetzt?

Nicht, dass wir wüssten oder tolerieren würden. Der einzige von uns betriebene Bot ist /u/DerSchulzBot, der eine Parodie auf den in /r/the_donald betriebenen Bot darstellt und keine Votes manipuliert.

For our international visitors

What is this sub?

the_schulz was created as a "semi-serious satire" (Is that a thing? If not, we invented it. Where do we get our patent?) of /r/the_donald.

Who is this Schulz?

You may ask yourself "Who is this Schulz?". Martin Schulz is the former President of the European Parliament. He has recently announced that he would leave Brussels (the seat of the European Parliament) and EU-politics and return to the political stage of Germany.

Schulz is a member of the SPD, the Social Democratic Party of Germany, which is on the center-left of the German political spectrum.

Why was this sub created?

In 2017, the next Federal Elections in Germany will be held. These will also decide who's going to become the next German Chancellor (comparable to the POTUS). At the time of this sub's creation, the leader and presumable candidate for chancellor of the SPD was Sigmar Gabriel, who is not well-liked amongst the German population. After Gabriel's resignation on Jan 24th, Schulz, who is thought to have better chances against the long-running current chancellor Angela Merkel, was officially nominated as the new candidate on Jan 29th.

Why is everything in German?

Because the origin of this sub is the German-speaking community of reddit. You are however free to comment and submit content in any language. In true Schulz-spirit, we are very tolerant in that regard.

A little glossary for our non-german speaking visitors.

Is this sub using bots to manipulate votes?

The mod team is not aware of any vote manipulation using bots. We just have a very passionate following. Since we want to keep this sub in line with reddit-wide rules, please notify the mod team if you have any evidence of vote botting or anything else in violation of site-wide rules.











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