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What is this, a subreddit for ants?!?

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What is this, a ___ for ants??

This sub is all about tiny things for ants, be they centers, phones, tiny violins, and the list goes on and on. Collect tiny things? Let's see your collection! Found or made something small? Take a picture of it! Want to make something minuscule? Go for it!

Can't get enough tiny things? Check out /r/functional_miniatures!

Some basic guidelines for ants:

  1. Tiny things are cool. You are cool for being here!
  2. When in doubt, follow reddiquette for comments. We are here to share silly pictures. Have fun but be civil!
  3. Found images are welcome!
  4. Original images are even more welcome! You made something really small? Let's see it! Original content and creativity are the backbone of a community like this!
  5. Not sure how small things for ants should be? If it's smaller than one would expect, it is welcome here!
  6. Please refrain from posting normal, human-sized objects with literal ants on them. This is a place for tiny things, and we would like to keep it that way.
  7. Also refrain from posting extremely large objects claiming it makes something else for ants in comparison. We have a subreddit for your large objects over at /r/threetimesbigger. Such posts are more than welcome there!
  8. When in doubt, if it is tiny, it is good. If it is not tiny, probably best not to post it. (This includes tilt-shifted images, as they are just big things disguised as tiny things.)



Please tag anything NSFW with a [NSFW] tag.

> If you need some context or are confused as to why we care about ants, please watch this video clip from the 2001 film Zoolander.

If you are looking for things that are big, huge, giant, or at least three times bigger, please check our sister subreddit /r/threetimesbigger!

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