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Tight Squeeze-the struggle is real

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Welcome! /r/tightsqueeze is all about tight clothing before it's on. Pants, underwear, shirts, swim suits-anything! If it's a struggle to get on, it belongs here.

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Some Rules

-Readers, submitters, and subjects must be over 18 See something questionable? Message the Mods.

-Don't be a dick, don't be a creep.

-The clothing must be squeezing while being put on. Try /r/burstingout for when it's after the fact, and /r/tightdresses if it's just over-all tight.

-That said, how it's squeezing doesn't matter. Real squeeze, fake squeeze, half-on squeeze, all are welcome. In that vein, Comments complaining about fakes will be removed on sight. And god help you if you complain on an OC post.

-OC Posts are sacred. Harassment, spam, and creep comments will be removed and your ass will be Automod's bitch.

-Images MUST be rehosted. Preferred hosts include imgur and gfycat. Videos may be linked through youtube, though VidMe or Eroshare would be preferred.

-Imgur links that are not directly to the image will be removed. They don't play nice with RES.

-Links to Tumblr pages will be removed with great prejudice. Link to the Image only. Linking to a page will result in a warning, three strikes call a ban.

-Cross-posts from OC-driven subreddits (GoneWild, Asstastic, PAWGtastic etc.) require original OP's permission before posting. OPs from these subreddits may message the mods for link removal. We take this just as seriously as direct OC posts-3 strikes and you're getting banned, permanently.

-Most important rule - get squeezing!

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