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/r/TimeLapse - Speeding the World Up One Frame at a Time

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Speeding the World Up One Frame at a Time

1. Good Example of a timelapse #Sky

2. Good Example of a timelapse #Voyageurs

A place for your favorite timelapse videos as well as questions about gear, exposure, editing and generally everything timelapse-related.
Human perception is limited to relatively short time frames and only deals with long term processes in abstract ways - here we are ascending over these limitations to make unseen things visible.


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Notable Users

  • /u/Timelapse00

    Para is the current active mod of the subreddit, Trying to make this place as active as possible. He has been creating timelapses for a couple years now and knows a lot about them. Message him if you have questions about the subreddit!

  • /u/Matjoez

    A professional motion timelapse and hyperlapse cinematographer, Supported by Canon Australia, Manfrotto, Kessler Crane and Atomos. Most definitely the go-to guy with any and all questions about timelapses.

    Matjoez on Instagram

    Matjoez on YouTube

  • /u/OM3N1R

    A professional photographer who does some mind-blowing starlapses and hyperlapses. Really knows their stuff!

    OM3N1R on YouTube

    OM3N1R on 500px

  • /u/Mwirion

    A semi-professional motion timelapse cinematographer. He mainly shoots Nikon, but has experience with Canon as well. He has done a lot of work with motion control, from Kessler, to DIY projects, so if you have any questions on hardware, this is your guy!

    Mwirion on Flickr

    Mwirion on YouTube

  • /u/chadchud

    One of only a few full-time timelapse cinematographers based in the UK. He shoots on 10K Phase One cameras, down to Super8 (something I didn't know was possible!) He has a wealth of knowledge after working with the BBC, and running his own company!

    chadchud on Instagram

    chadchud on Twitter

  • /u/Armand9x

    A semi-professional timelapse photographer and astronomer. They also contribute footage to the BBC. IF you have any questions about astro-lapses - ask away!

    Armand9x on Instagram

    Armand9x on YouTube

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