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low line count, high quality

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This subreddit is about minimalistic, often but not always simple implementations of just about everything.

PLEASE NOTE: This Subreddit is NOT about CodeGolf and obfuscation!

_Low line count, high quality!_

  • Webserver in 42 lines of code? Great!
  • A wiki engine smaller than your usual MVC controller? Awesome!
  • Tiny games that somehow kicks ass? Sure!
  • That one liner that fulfills your deepest desires? You got it!
  • An exploit so small and elegant to make you drool? Maybe even that!
  • Open source alternatives to common bloatware? Most definitely!

I'm sure you get the idea by now ;) ...

Remember: "Tiny depends on what you're doing. A tiny box, a tiny house, and a tiny country are very different sizes." - snarkyxanf

In other words: Try to aim for stuff that makes you go "wow!" instead of "huh?" ;)

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