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TOMP - To find the unfindable source

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TOMT for the things you wouldn't want your mother to see. For finding that video/set/guy/girl you saw one time, or posting a video/set/girl/guy to find their name/site/sauce/moar.

This is a safe place for any fetish, any orientation, any desire, and any request. Don't judge.

(Unless it's illegal, obviously.)


  • has been banned from Reddit. If your post contains a Motherlesss link, it will be permanently caught in the spam filter. There's nothing we can do about it. Link shorteners won't work. Find another link or indicate the video without linking directly to it.

  • A lot of posts get stuck in the spam filter. If it's been half an hour and your post hasn't shown up in the new queue, message the mods.

  • If your request is a picture, try Google reverse image search before posting.

  • Imagetwist is not an acceptable image host, nor is 4chan. Imgur and Minus are preferred.

  • Please include [TOMP] and some useful description in your title, so people will know whether they have any chance of helping you. When your post is solved, click the 'Flair' link below the submission and select 'SOLVED'. This saves time for the people who like to solve things, which helps everybody.

  • If at all possible, responses should include a link to a source. But ideas on where to look won't be turned down. If you have an answer, post it in the text of your comment. Porn links go down all the time.

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