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It's How Diamonds are Made!

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Welcome home! If you've come to see beautiful breasts lightly touching, rubbing, or even compressing tightly into other breasts, you've come to the right place!


1.) Tits or nipples must be touching. Close doesn't count!

2.) Implied touching doesn't count. If it's blocked by an arm or baggy clothing, they may as well not even be touching!

3.) If you're x-posting from an underdog subreddit, do them a favor and link to them in the title and comments

4.) Everyone has their pet peeves, and mine is that stupid "sauce" bullshit. If I see it once, it's deleted..if I see it twice, you're banned

5.) Please don't ask for a source unless you've contributed in some way to the subreddit. If I see that a request for a source is among your first or only contributions to the subreddit, it will be deleted

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