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Toast Me: You're doing a great job. Here's to you!

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The Toast

Complimenting is an interesting science. As when crafting insults, it is important to reach past the superficial levels of a person's personality, and to touch (and, in this case, praise) a deeper aspect of their character that somehow shines through.

Though not all compliments have to be profound and penetrating, the simple expression of enjoyment of one's appearance and personality can often reach deeper than the most exacting descriptions.

So come on everybody! We're fucking awesome human beings!

It's about time someone told us.


  • Kindness is key. This is the polar opposite of RoastMe, make someone feel good!
  • Be original. Anyone can say "Hey, you look good!". Pick out something unique and original, make someone's day.
  • Include verification. This means be holding a sign with your username and "Toast Me!" on it.
  • Verification CANNOT be software generated. It must be a piece of paper or any other physical object with your username written or displayed on it, you may not edit your name in by using any form of software or application, as this does not verify who you say you are.
  • Moderators have final word. If we see something we feel is unfit for this sub, it will be removed. We reserve the right to ban anyone who we feel is abusing the subreddit.
  • Have fun! Emphasis on feel good here, negativity belongs elsewhere.


In a Crisis?

This sub and its moderators are not equipped to handle mental health crises and suicidal ideations. If you are having such thoughts or in a crisis, please reach out to the suicide prevention lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, the Lifeline Crisis Chat or a local crisis center in your area. Reaching out to these professionals may help.

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