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British Columbia

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News, and other content, relating to British Columbia, Canada.

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Minimal, deliberately. Just avoid spam, racial epithets, and death threats and we're good. Please use titles from the article when submitting news.

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Calgary: Onward

25,409 subscribers a community for 8 years, 5 months

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Check out our IRC channel

Welcome to Calgary

Please send a message to the mods if you have any questions or concerns.



>##Our Rules Please also read/follow: reddiquette > 1. Be respectful to each other. Our goal for /r/Calgary is a friendly community where residents can engage in thoughtful discussion. Personal attacks will not be tolerated. No insults, bigotry, excessive foul language or excessive trolling. No threats. Please be civil. Moderators will remove comments at their discretion. 2. No spam. This includes Kijiji/Craigslist ads (use /r/CalgaryClassifieds) and other subreddits. If you want to advertise an event, please contact the moderators first via modmail. 3. Be descriptive with your titles. As per reddiquette, do not editorialize or sensationalize your submission title. Save your personal opinions for the comments. 4. No personal information. No personal phone numbers or addresses. No posting personal social media profiles for the purpose of "doxxing" as per Reddit Terms of Service. 5. No 'Moving to' Calgary posts. Please check the wiki, use the search function or Google it. If you feel as though your moving situation is unique, message the moderators before posting. 6. Make sure submissions are in some way related to Calgary or the greater Calgary area. Moderators reserve the right to remove submissions that are unrelated to Calgary. 7. Please do not downvote submissions/comments if you disagree with them. Upvote them if they contribute to the conversation. Just because you may disagree with a topic or are upset about a news story doesn't mean you should automatically downvote the submission.

>##Other Subreddits


  • /r/CalgarySocialClub
  • /r/CalgaryGaming
  • /r/CalgaryClassifieds
  • /r/CalgaryComedy
  • /r/PokemonGOCalgary
  • /r/CalgaryDashCams
  • /r/CalgaryMusic
  • /r/YYCTube


  • /r/CalgaryFlames
  • /r/Stampeders
  • /r/FishingAlberta


  • /r/ACAD
  • /r/SAIT
  • /r/MRU
  • /r/UAlberta
  • /r/UCalgary
  • /r/ULeth


  • /r/Edmonton
  • /r/Reddeer
  • /r/FortMac
  • /r/Banff
  • /r/PeaceCountry
  • /r/MedicineHat


  • /r/Alberta
  • /r/CampingAlberta
  • /r/HikingAlberta

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We decided on this description politely.

Please note that users new to the subreddit might experience posting limitations until they become more active and longer members of the community. If you experience any issues with this, please don't hesitate to contact the moderators.

Upcoming AMAs

| Who | Date | Time | |:-:|:-:|:-:| | Michael Chong | Mar. 31 | 4:00 EST | | Darren Fung, Film Score Composer | TBD | TBD |


Detailed rules can be found here


  • Be excellent to each other!
  • Follow reddiquette^[4]
  • Report content that is hateful, spam, or off-topic
  • Message the moderators when you report something. It can be difficult to tell why something was flagged


  • Be rude or hostile^[2]
  • Resort to insults based on race, gender, sexual orientation, or religious beliefs^[2]
  • Post users' personal information
  • Editorialize submission titles^[1]
  • Make low content posts (including images of memes, scenery, or generic pictures, etc^[6][7]
  • Use link shorteners (i.e., tinyurl)

Canadian subreddit network

A complete listing can be found here



Professional Sports

>#####Hockey > > Calgary Flames > Edmonton Oilers > Montreal Canadiens > Ottawa Senators > Toronto Maple Leafs > Vancouver Canucks > Winnipeg Jets > Team Canada > >##### Basketball > > Toronto Raptors > >##### Baseball > > Toronto Blue Jays > >#####Soccer > > Montreal Impact > Toronto FC > Vancouver Whitecaps > >#####Football > CFL >

Post-secondary institutions

  • See full listing at /r/CanadianPostSecondary/




The moderators of r/Canada reserve the right to moderate posts and comments at their discretion, with regard to their perception of the suitability of said posts and comments for this subreddit. Thank you for your understanding.

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hockey: the best game on earth

326,202 subscribers a community for 8 years, 9 months

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Conduct & Guidelines

Quick Links

> * Get flair/Posting for beginners * Conduct/Guidelines * Get Team Flair/Logo * IRC chat * Discord Channel * Low Content Posts * Daily/Weekly Threads * Game Threads * Weekly Headers * Submit a Post Subreddits * All Team Subreddits (All Leagues) * < Leagues/Countries * /r/aihl * /r/alih * /r/ahl * /r/DeutscheEishockeyLiga * /r/KontinentalHL * /r/nhl * /r/collegehockey * /r/USHL * /r/USAHockey/ * /r/TeamCanada/ * < Topics * /r/fantasyhockey * /r/hockeywagers * /r/Hockeyprospects * /r/hockeygamegifs * /r/hockeystats * /r/HGD * < Playing * /r/ea_nhl * /r/hockeyplayers * /r/hockeygoalies * /r/hockeyrefs * < Fandom * /r/hockeyfandom * /r/hockeycards * /r/hockeyjerseys * /r/hockeydesign * /r/hockeypics * /r/hardhockey * /r/vintagehockey * /r/TimHortons * /r/nhlmemes * /r/hockeycirclejerk * Hockey Subreddit Multi Getting into Hockey / Resources * r/Hockey Community Creations * Getting into Hockey Wiki * /r/NHLstreams * Hockey AMAs * Don't Tell Me The Score * Player Stats * Hockey Analysis (Fenwick/Corsi) * Twitter Lists Filters * Normal * No Style * Highlights * No Highlights * Game Threads * No Game Threads * Weekly Threads * Daily Threads * Discussion Only * Memes /r/hockeyfandom





Top Team Subreddit Posts


2) - Motion to submit this picture of Blandisi and Quennevills as the new sidebar pic.

3) - r/BlueJackets is the fastest growing hockey team subreddit by percentage for this season!

4) - I travelled 3,254 miles for my first ever NHL game and this view, LGRW!

5) - Flower looking at Sid the way I imagine I would look at Sid.

Click here for all 30

NHL Subreddits

West|||||||| :---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:--- Pacific|||||||| Central|||||||

East|||||||| :---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:---|:--- Metropolitan|||||||| Atlantic||||||||

Picture of the Week


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Toronto Maple Leafs

22,450 subscribers a community for 7 years, 5 months

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Wiki - Guidelines


|Stat|Player(s)|Value| |:--:|:--:|:--:| |G|Auston Matthews|33| |A|Mitchell Marner|39| |P|Auston Matthews|58| |+/-|Jake Gardiner|24| |PIM|Matt Martin|97| |TOI|Nikita Zaitsev|22:17| |FO%|Eric Fehr|100.0| |S|Auston Matthews|242| |---|---|---| |W|Frederik Andersen|30| |SV%|Antoine Bibeau|0.927| |GAA|Antoine Bibeau|1.99| |SO|Frederik Andersen|4|


Last Updated: 23 Mar 2017 at 04:01AM

|Atlantic|GP|W|L|OT|P| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| ||73|41|23|9|91| ||72|40|24|8|88| ||72|34|23|15|83|

|Metro|GP|W|L|OT|P| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| ||72|47|17|8|102| ||72|46|17|9|101| ||72|47|19|6|100|

|WC East|GP|W|L|OT|P| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| ||74|45|25|4|94| ||73|38|29|6|82| |--|--|--|--|--|--| ||72|34|26|12|80| ||72|34|29|9|77| ||71|31|27|13|75| ||72|33|31|8|74| ||72|31|30|11|73| ||74|30|32|12|72| ||72|29|32|11|69| ||72|27|33|12|66|


| MARCH 2017 | :--------:|:--------:|:--------:

|Sun|Mon|Tue|Wed|Thu|Fri|Sat| |:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:| ||||^1 |^2 |^3 |^4 | |^5 |^6 |^7 |^8 |^9 |^10 |^11 | |^12 |^13 |^14 |^15 |^16 |^17 |^18 | |^19 |^20 |^21 |^22 |^23 |^24 |^25 | |^26 |^27 |^28 |^29 |^30 |^31 ||

All Times in EDT

|Hover over icons for more details, all times in EDT| |:--:| ||

||| |:--:|:--:| |Home|Away|


Team Links | :--------:| Full Schedule | Standings | Player Stats| Videos | Roster | Marlies |

General Links | :--------:| Live streaming guide | Submission guidelines |


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10,174 subscribers a community for 5 years, 10 months

last post 1 day ago [+]


Hungry? Get a delicious duo at SUBWAY for just $5.99!


> Analysis &nbsp; &nbsp; Fundraising Update &nbsp; &nbsp; M-103 Candidate Analysis &nbsp; &nbsp; Chris Alexander &nbsp; &nbsp; Maxime Bernier &nbsp; &nbsp; Michael Chong &nbsp; &nbsp; Kellie Leitch &nbsp; &nbsp; Pierre Lemieux &nbsp; &nbsp; Deepak Obhrai Dank OC &nbsp; &nbsp; Maxime Bernier memes &nbsp; &nbsp; Can't Smear The Scheer #1 &nbsp; &nbsp; Can't Smear The Scheer #2 &nbsp; &nbsp; Vote Lisa Raitt! &nbsp; &nbsp; Maxime Bernier Can't Be Trusted.

MCPC 2020

> PLATFORM Leadership announcement

Neckbeard Awards

> The 2016 Neckbeard Awards The 2015 Neckbeard Awards The 2014 Neckbeard Awards The 2013 Neckbeard Awards * The 2012 Neckbeard Awards

Get Social

> Metacanada.Ca: Fuck yeah Live chat / voice chat on Discord * Twitter: MetaCanada, LoneConservative, Stephen Taylor

Essential Reading

> PM Trudeau = Mr. Dressup The War of 2012 The thread that started it all How to post memes in comments * Wars currently happening in Canada


> Mauril Pepe MetaCanada logos Justin Trudeau: A part of our heritage, 2015 Justin gifs megathread Metacanada butthurt rater gifs Canadian Bravery.gif There is no need to be upset Fuck Harper upvote gif UNBRAVE.gif Harper downvote gif Metacanada Downvote Action Plan.jpg Metacanada Upvote Action Plan.jpg Some past Metacanada CSS stylings Metacanada CSS stylings 2013 - 2014


> Best subreddit ever Best small subreddit ever * /r/MetaSubredditOfTheDay 6-time winner


>- Subreddit rules

>*If you get your feelings hurt, please message the mods so we can make fun of you for it


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13,462 subscribers a community for 9 years

last post 1 day ago [+]





Ce reddit est bilingue: Vous pouvez soumettre en français comme en anglais!

This reddit is bilingual: You can submit in French as well as in English!

1) Les soumissions dont les titres sont éditorialisés (reflètent une opinion qui n'était pas dans le titre original), dénigrants ou haineux seront retirées.

2) Les attaques personnelles gratuites et les propos racistes ou discriminatoires sont interdits.

3) Révéler des infos personnelles et faire du "doxxing" résulte en un ban automatique. (pour les messages postés sur Facebook ou autre, faites une capture d'écran anonymisée)

4) Interdit de faire sa promotion en ignorant le guide de l'autopromotion de reddit (c'est à dire, spammer).

5) Ne pas utiliser de url shorteners. Reddit les envoi toujours dans la boite de spam automatiquement.

6) Pas de colporteurs (ou de sondeurs!)

Plus d'information ici. Lien vers la reddiquette.

Vous souhaitez faire un AMA ou vous souhaitez confirmer votre identité ou votre statut sans afficher publiquement vos informations? Communiquez avec la modération.

Les DMNQ de /r/Quebec

Les échanges culturels de /r/Quebec


Fils hebdomadaires

Fils | Jour ---|--- Nostalgie | Lundi (½) Lundi pur noisetier | Lundi (½) MARDI MONGRAIN | Mardi Mercredi jeux | Mercredi Jeudi Culture et découverte | Jeudi (½) Jeudi pour apprendre | Jeudi (½) Fourre-Tout | Vendredi Écho des régions de /r/Quebec | Samedi des fois quand le mod s'en rapelle Dimanche photo | Dernier dimanche du mois

Sous-reddits québécois

Géographique :

  • /r/abitibi
  • /r/gatineau
  • /r/laval
  • /r/longueuil
  • /r/montreal
  • /r/quebeccity
  • /r/saguenay
  • /r/sjsr (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
  • /r/sherbrooke
  • /r/troisrivieres

Institutions postsecondaires :

  • /r/ubishops
  • /r/Concordia
  • /r/EtsMTL (École de technologie supérieure)
  • /r/mcgill
  • /r/PolyMTL (Polytechnique)
  • /r/UdeM
  • /r/UQAM
  • /r/usherbrooke

Sport :

  • /r/Alouettes
  • /r/Expos
  • /r/Habs
  • /r/MontrealCycling
  • /r/MontrealImpact
  • /r/Nordiques

Divers :

  • /r/GamingQuebec
  • /r/BoardGamesQC
  • /r/OuiQuebec
  • /r/PolitiqueQuebec
  • /r/QuebecEnts
  • /r/Metaquebec
  • /r/Paslenavet
  • /r/CanadaNews
  • /r/CanadaPolitics
  • /r/Quebarnak
  • /r/BiereQc
  • /r/mtl_dnd
  • /r/cmhoc

Liste complète des subs québecois.

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toronto: news from T.O.

84,043 subscribers a community for 8 years, 10 months

last post today [+]

Wiki &nbsp; Policies &nbsp; Health &nbsp; Questions &nbsp; Visiting &nbsp; Events &nbsp; Buy & Sell &nbsp; Lost & Found

Welcome to Toronto

It's like Albany. Only cleaner.

Let's keep /r/Toronto clean.

Questions go in /r/askTO

Many questions are already answered in our FAQ/Wiki. If yours isn't, please submit it to r/askTO.

Here's an automatically generated list of the top five posts in /r/askTO right now, updating every 15 minutes. Visit /r/askTO for more!

  1. Help a public transportation newbie understand going beyond the TTC?
  2. Anyone want to share a ride to Montreal 3/31? Returning 4/2. I'm driving
  3. Help on purchasing a new bike as soon as possible (over the weekend)
  4. What are some cheap yet unique date ideas or places in Toronto?
  5. World record breaking attractions/spots

Want to visit /r/toronto and /r/askTO at the same time? Use the multi.

r/Toronto Policies

Click for Complete Rules

  1. Posts must be specific to the GTA. Do not editorialize titles

  2. No racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, or religious intolerance

  3. Be excellent to each other

  4. No request questions.

  5. Lost/Found/Stolen? Post in r/LostAndFoundTO. Missing pets/persons are allowed

  6. If it belongs on Kijiji, it doesn't belong here

  7. Low-effort posts will be removed at mod discretion

  8. Follow reddit's content policy and [self-promotion guidelines] (

  9. No petitions, fundraising, vote-begging, surveys, or referral/promo codes

  10. Topically duplicate submissions will be removed unless they add value

Read the Wiki

Related Subreddits

Monthly Meetup

On the second Saturday of every month, with the next one on April 8th at 7:00pm at the Artful Dodger Pub (10 Isabella Street) on the second floor.

IRC Chat

Our official channel is #toronto on Snoonet.

Header image by /u/LUFCinTO, sidebar image credits, footer from /u/blackbeatsblue, licensed under CC-BY-NC-SA. Message mods to submit your own!

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435 subscribers a community for 9 years

last post 1748 days ago [+]

A place for news about and /or involving Ontario, Canada

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Vancouver, BC, Canada - The city, its people and cultural happenings

51,884 subscribers a community for 8 years, 12 months

last post 16 days ago [+]

See something requiring attention? Please first use the report button or message the Moderators


Display Ask Vancouver Filter Ask Vancouver Display Housing Filter Housing Display Crime Filter Crime Display Politics Filter Politics Display Photo/Video Filter Photo/Video Display Transportation Filter Transportation

Rules and Guidelines

We want to see more content like this:

  • local news.
  • local events.
  • funny and interesting content.
  • posts about Vancouver history and culture.
  • missing person/pet alerts.
  • informative self-posts (i.e. wise advise, time-sensitive warnings, PSA's).
  • posts about freebies, lost/found posts.
  • new apps/programs.
  • broad discussions.

Whenever possible we will remove:

  • Hate speech including (but not limited to) racist, sexist, aggressive, or overtly offensive comments.
  • Ethnic or gender stereotypes.
  • Personal attacks, name calling or insults.
  • Personal information of any kind.
  • any content not related to Vancouver.


Please check links before submitting a question.

  • Visiting Vancouver Page
    This is where you'll find everything you need to know about visiting Vancouver: the best places to check out, local attractions, local hangouts, cautions/warnings, and local treasures only Vancouverites know about.

  • Best of Vancouver Posts
    This is where you will find the latest info on the best of everything Vancouver has to offer.


When considering moving to Vancouver, please Google "thinking of moving to Vancouver" FIRST. Please only post if you have unanswered questions after that.

/r/Vancouver Groups

Yes! We have a Facebook group!

Most events get posted there. Or on the G+ group.


  • /r/ubc
  • /r/capU
  • /r/langara
  • /r/simonfraser
  • /r/bcit


  • /r/canada
  • /r/britishcolumbia
  • /r/greatervan
  • /r/coquitlam
  • /r/Fraservalley
  • /r/vancouverisland
  • /r/victoriabc
  • /r/nanaimo
  • /r/newwest
  • /r/mission
  • /r/gulfislands
  • /r/bowenisland
  • /r/pemberton
  • /r/whistler
  • /r/PacificNorthwest
  • /r/mapleridge
  • /r/Cascadia
  • /r/squamish
  • /r/surreybc
  • /r/thecoast
  • /r/burnaby
  • /r/northvan
  • /r/RichmondBC
  • /r/langley
  • /r/southsurreywhiterock
  • /r/abbotsford


  • /r/VancouverChat
  • /r/vancouverphotos
  • /r/vancouvernerds
  • /r/vancouverentrepreneur
  • /r/vancouverbuysell
  • /r/vancouverdating
  • /r/vancouverents
  • /r/foreveralonevancouver
  • /r/bcfilmmakers
  • /r/VancouverMusic
  • /r/VancouverFood
  • /r/vancouvercycling
  • /r/vancouverhiking
  • /r/vancouverslothing
  • /r/vanjerk
  • /r/vanhomebrewing
  • /r/cmhoc


  • /r/canucks
  • /r/bc_lions
  • /r/whitecapsfc
  • /r/meetupcanada
  • /r/VancouverRecHockey/

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