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Too Old to Play

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> #Join Us

>* In-Game Chat Channel: TOTP

>* Fill out the TOTP User Spreadsheet (On Game Night Only)

> > --- > > ## About

>Too Old to Play (TOTP) is a League of Legends community for mature players, regardless of age, seeking a fun, non-toxic environment promoting player networking and learning.

>* Feel free to go over our Rules and Guidelines.

>* How to file a report.

>* Questions and feedback.

> # Subreddit Rules > Harassment is strictly forbidden. > No posts to form quick, pick-up groups. Please use in-game chat and Teamspeak. > Memes, videos, and ads are not allowed and will be taken down immediately. > Do not post personal information including full names, e-mails, Skype accounts, etc. >* Try to avoid posting things that are already on the front page of the /r/leagueoflegends subreddit.

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