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Don't cry Yuuka-chan!

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Girls are now preparing, please wait warmly and have some tea. This reddit is devoted to sharing the wonderful Touhou series with the Reddit community.

What is Touhou? (Wiki Link)


  • Follow Reddiquette.
  • Keep content Touhou-centered.
  • Do not discuss means of pirating Touhou games, fan games, music, etc. that can otherwise be obtained legally. Your own creations/remixes are still okay.
  • Use the search function to prevent reposting things that are relatively new, i.e. something from the past 3 months.
  • Each user is limited to 3 valid posts per day. Comments are unlimited unless you're obviously spamming.
  • For Found Fanart posts (including still images and animated gifs), you must post the source page as your content. Possible exceptions to this rule are listed further down. Putting a rehost in the comments is recommended but optional.
  • For all other kinds of posts, you are allowed to post a rehost as your content, but you still need to provide the source in the comments.
  • If you violate any of the previous 2 rules, and it takes less than 10 minutes for the mods to find the proper source, then your post will get taken down.
  • And when we say 10 minutes, we mean 10 minutes from the moment a mod BEGINS a search for the source, NOT 10 minutes from the moment you put up your post.
  • Hotlinking does NOT count as providing a source. In fact, it's WORSE than not giving credit to the artist, since it can steal the artist's bandwidth and STILL not show the artist's name.
  • Danbooru (or any other "booru") is NOT a source. On a Danbooru page, look on the left side and you'll find the source page under "Information". Use that, or we will call you a donkey.
  • If you can't find the source of an image, try using iqdb, SauceNAO, or TinEye for reverse image searches.
  • If you STILL can't find the source after 10 minutes of intense searching, and the mods STILL can't find the source after 10 minutes of intense searching, then we suppose we'll just have to put up with you and your lack of sources, you donkey.
  • There are also some specific exceptions to the Found Fanart sourcing rule (that is, for Found Fanart, you can use a rehost as your post content if):
  • Posting a single image from an artist's album
  • Posting an album consisting of different artists that focuses on ONE subject (e.g. an album of nothing but Reisen)
  • Posting an animated gif that's been extracted from a video
  • You personally edited translations into the image
  • It is part or whole of a fan-translated comic/doujin (it would be categorized as "Doujin" in this case, and not "Found Fanart")
  • Even with the above exceptions, you STILL need to provide your sources in the comments whenever possible.
  • This is more of a courtesy than a strict rule, but please flair your posts if you can. Mobile users can put the category right in the title if you already know your category (e.g. "[Help]", "[OC: Art]", etc.), or you can ask a mod to help flair your post for you.
  • "OC" stands for "Original Content", which simply means Touhou-based content that you personally created. We're not looking for something so original that we can't even tell it's based on Touhou.
  • If you post OC, then YOU are the artist and we already know who to give credit to, so don't worry about all the sourcing rules above in this case.
  • Allowed NSFW content (Don't forget to tag):
  • Anything that can be shown on daytime US television (e.g. bikini-top plus short shorts)
  • Nudity/mild sexualization for the sake of art
  • Nudity/mild sexualization for the sake of comedy
  • NSFW content that should go to Touhou_NSFW:
  • Outright sexual content for the sake of itself
  • Social-life-destroying sexual content (e.g. sexualized Flandre)
  • The mods have the final say on what counts as NSFW and what NSFW content is allowed.
  • If your post does not show up, please give the mods some time to check the spam filter.
  • Use the "Message The Moderators" button above the moderators list to contact the mods. Directly PMing a mod is both annoying AND delays response time. You're more likely to get help sooner if ALL mods can see your message.
  • /r/touhou is sometimes /r/touaoii. We have accepted our fate. In fact, why don't you come join us? JOIN... US...


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Touhou Wiki

Purchasing Guide: Touhou Wiki's guide for buying games, print works, and music. Forums, English Patches, Mangas, News, and Replays.

Maidens of the Kaleidoscope: Forums and News.

Nico Seiga Daily Touhou Illustration Ranking

Freebies: Our local stock of F2P Touhou games and music creations.

Touhou Discord (rules are in the #rules channel, please read them; no longer the reddit discord, but there's a lot of user and mod overlap)

/r/touhou Steam Group touhou IRC touhou IRC

ZUN's blog, Twitter, and website (All in Japanese)

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