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Trailer Park Boys

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/r/trailerparkboys is for anything Trailer Park Boys related. Bubbles, Ricky and Julian.. Cyrus, J-Roc, Tyrone, Trevor and Corey.. Lahey and Randy...


  1. TPB Hate - If you've come here specifically to spread/voice hatred for the show, a character, a subscriber or a moderator. Your account will be banned from participation.
  2. BAD Linking practice - DO NOT link to other subreddits, unless you use the NP prefix. Your submission will be deleted. Don't vote on linked submissions as the admins may shadow-ban your account.
  3. NO Politics, we get enough politics in EVERY other thread. We're not all from your country and we don't care.
  4. NO Likeness (this random guy looks or sounds like ...) submissions unless it's a deliberate attempt at mimicry such as at Halloween.
  5. No self-promotion or profiting, because r/TrailerParkBoys is a community, not a platform for self-promotion.
  6. Low Effort - Mods may remove your submission without explanation if it has been deemed low effort or unrelated to the sub.

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