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Trancit: Everything Trance Music.

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> Luminosity Live Sets Megathread

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Posting Rules

  • Search before posting
  • Reposts within the first 6 months will be removed
  • Tracks in the Hall of Fame are automatically removed
  • Mixes/albums must be primarily trance. Mixes should try to have a tracklist within the linked page or as a top-level comment
  • Tracks that are predominantly a non-trance genre but contain 'trance elements' will be removed
  • All posts related to newly played tracks (i.e. ID - ID) need to be contained within the Weekly Discussion Thread. Any such posts made outside of this thread will be removed. ID requests for old tracks are still allowed as a standalone post.
  • Pictures only allowed in a self-post
  • No memes allowed - /r/tcj
  • Live events must be posted as a self-post
  • Blogspam is not allowed, instant ban
  • No /r/tcj-related comments
  • No piracy zone, support the artists
  • No unnecessarily long titles
  • Respect each other

Submission Title Format

Artist - Song Title (What type of remix) [Year of release]

Note: The year of release is not required but please try and add it. If the track is the original mix, having '(Original Mix)' for the type of remix is also not required.

Mixes/Albums must include one of the following tags in the title (preferably at the end):

(Click link to search by flair)

  • [Liveset] or [Live Set] for recordings from shows/live events
  • [Radio Show] (for radio shows and podcasts)
  • [User Mix] (for mixes from users of the subreddit)
  • [Album] (for when the mix is part of an album)
  • [Mix] (for all other mixes that do not fall under any of the other categories)

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