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'Til all are one! Transformers News and Community!

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  • Don't just ask "Who dis?" Check and try to find it yourself!

  • Meme's are okay, but for the most part don't gain much attention on this sub. If you are okay with being downvoted heavily, then by all means post your meme.

  • If you want to post numerous pictures, please create an Album in Imgur, and link to it.

  • Do not post videos from YouTube that are just clips or episodes of Transformers.

  • Posts of a Sexual Nature will be removed, and the user who posted may be immediately banned for it. This isn't the place for it.

  • If you wish to discuss Spoilers to recently released Movies, TV Shows, Comics, etc... please do so in a well labeled spoiler thread. Do not post spoilers in the title of the post!

  • Do not distribute/ask for torrents and/or shares of the Comics, TV Shows, and Movies. Go out and buy them!

  • Do not post pictures asking "What's In The Box?" or post BlogSpam, but Blogs containing your original content are VERY encouraged! (reviews especially!!!)

  • Selling threads should be posted in /r/TransformersTrading or /r/ToyExchange, not here.

  • Wednesday is "What's New Wednesday" or WNW, subscribers post pictures of their new purchases.


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