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r/translator - a community for translation requests

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Our community translates things.

Do you need something translated?

Post here and the polyglots of Reddit will do their best to translate it for you.

Do you want to practice translating, or need reviews for a translation you made?

Subscribe to r/translator, or get language notifications from us for your target languages and join our community!

Guidelines for Requests
  1. Include the target language in your title.
    Example: [Japanese > English]
  2. If you don't know the language, write: Example: [Unknown > English]
  3. Include a good description of your request.
  4. These types of posts are not allowed:
  5. Requests for homework help (without providing your own work as well).
  6. Unreasonable job offers for translators.
  7. Spam/advertising for services.
  8. Posts that do not request a translation.
  9. Information that is unethically sourced.
  10. Be nice. Thank your translator when your request is fulfilled!
Guidelines for Translators

Be nice, and feel free to request a review if you're unsure of your translation. Don't post joke translations, as repeat offenders may be banned.

You can also get verified here, or see statistics for our community here.

Get Language Notifications!
Frequently-Requested Translations

Post Commands

Command | Function ---------|---------- !translated | marks a request as translated. !doublecheck | requests other translators to review your translation. !claim | lets other translators know you are working on a translation for the request. !missing | marks a request that is missing assets. !identify:XX | identifies a wrongly categorized request as a specific language. !page:XX | pages translators for a specific language.

*Note: Use the language's name or its ISO 639-1 code/ISO 639-3 code in place of XX.

Reference Commands

Command | Function ---------|---------- !reference:[language] | looks up encyclopedia information on a language. !search:[term] | searches the subreddit for previous translations of the term.

Type grave accents around characters and words to look up their readings and meanings.

`文` / `翻訳` / `出口成章`/ `Sprache`

Crossposting Commands

Comment !translator or !translate in anywhere on Reddit to submit a crosspost for translation on r/translator.

*Note: You can also specify a language using the same syntax as the commands above.

Text Formatting

Furigana Annotation Syntax

To create furigana/ruby text in your posts, use the following syntax:

[漢字](#fg "かんじ")

will display as 漢字.
The quotation marks are not optional.

Right-to-left Text Syntax

To format a paragraph of right-to-left text, write:

###### RTL

and skip a line (for Arabic, Hebrew, Persian, etc.)

Untranslated Posts & Language Subs

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