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Transgender Positive

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Share the funny, share the nice, it may be honey, or just some rice

|| About Our Community || ---:|---:|---:|

Welcome to trans+! The safe, trans and ally place for humor, community and just all the positive you can manage.

Content rarely excluded, but keep it light hearted.

  • Share: The fun, the simple, the funny, the heartwarming, advice, and of course relax.

  • The Rule: Be respectful and nice, or be assigned to the house of Outofhere by the sorting mods.

Rules & FAQ placeholder Work in progress.

r/Transpositive community clothing swap!

|| Social/entertainment Options || ---:|---:|---:|

  • IRC (Chat) Channels:

Join us and chat!


  1. ##transspace Chat now click here! A social, laid back alternative to hangout, discuss and meet friends.

  2. ##trans-OG Click here to join. A social/support channel with a laid back/no drama attitude.

  • Gaming Groups

  • First Group- an all inclusive group with all sorts of people.

  • Second Group- a devoted trans-centric group from r/transgamers.

|| List of Transgender-Related Subreddits || ---:|---:|---:

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