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Trap Production

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  1. Only post your Soundcloud links in the weekly feedback thread - no self promotion, or promotion of any kind (this includes advertising - e.g. your "beat making service", or paid offering). This is treated as spam.

  2. Use descriptive titles.

  3. No memes.

  4. Post questions like "Where can I find this sample/preset?", "What sound is this?" and "How do I make this sound?" in their respective weekly threads. Starting to relax this rule due to needing the 2nd sticky slot for upcoming subreddit Beat Battles

  5. Leave feedback for someone else in the weekly feedback thread before sharing your own track (this does not apply to the first comment in the thread).

  6. Post finished tracks in the weekly feedback thread.

  7. Proper feedback is not "Dope track bro, k do me next." Try to give constructive criticism.

  8. ~~Please try to keep collaboration requests in the monthly collab threads that are stickied to the top of the subreddit. All other collaboration posts will be removed and told to post there. (You'll have better luck there anyways)~~ There is no sticky slot for a collab thread anymore.

  9. Avoid linking to / discussing piracy (we don't care if you pirate stuff, but our sub would be running a risk if we allowed this).

  10. Calm down with the 808 posts! (/r/making808s)














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