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Beautiful Traps (NSFW)

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/r/traps is for the posting of photos and video of young and beautiful trans girls and individuals who would love to trap! Content can be from/of anyone as long as they're passable, feminine and if it features nudity, of age! (/r/traps is only for MtF content)

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We highly encourage and promote any wonderful trans persons to share, but users are, of course, welcome to share any great photos and videos they come across! If you're submitting your own photos, we have a verification process for those who would like to have their own verified status on /r/traps. (Verification is not compulsory and is purely optional)

Rules for /r/traps:

Our Verification Guidelines.

Our Posting Guidelines Discussion.

  • Passable & Feminine submissions only.
  • Crossdressing? Read on - If you're posting a photo here, either of yourself or someone else, it should be entirely convincing as a female. Extensive use of make-up, dresses, wigs will only result in the post being removed. The only thing that should give away that the photo is a trap is a package (dick) shot or a not so subtle hint of it (bulges, peekaboo tip). If you're posting something without a face shot, the same should apply, and is strictly enforced when it comes to faceless photos.

No pictures of your butt, these will be removed immediately.

^ This does not apply to verified users.

  • Newly created accounts will not be able to post as an anti spam measure. You must notify the mods that your post is not visible.
  • Under no circumstances can you post links that contain ads to generate you income. We will remove any and all posts that contain advertisements of any kind - you will be warned initially. This excludes personal tumblrs which have a donation/wishlist page.
  • Do NOT post threads asking for local area hookups or any other services.
  • Be nice to others. There's no reason to be a twat. Troublemakers will be dealt with accordingly.
  • Looking for transitioning advice? Check out r/transpassing and its sister subreddits for great advice!

Approved hosting sites:

  • imgur

  • gfycat

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