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treatemright: amateurs and more

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>REMINDER: No suggestive or sexual content featuring minors.

  • I created this subreddit to post all of the NSFW pics and gifs I find and think others will enjoy, without monopolizing other similarly-themed subreddits. I strongly encourage others to post here also, just try to keep it generally within the (pretty wide) parameters of this sub.

  • The primary focus of this subreddit is NSFW amateur pics, with "amateur” being defined for present purposes as images that are selfshot or otherwise appear amateur, regardless of the actual identity of the subject. (So, for instance, a selfshot porn star = okay.) I also will post other types of NSFW items that I like and think others will enjoy. You're welcome to do the same.

  • This Reddit is Not Safe For Work. All posts are marked as such automatically, whether they are NSFW or not.


  • Please make submissions mobile-friendly by direct-linking using Imgur, Minus, or an equivalent trustworthy host. Please do not use pay-per-click hosts.

  • Do not post personal information about the women in the photos! Similarly, do not ask for the names or otherwise seek the real-world identities of any women in the amateur photos. This sub is about appreciating women, not stalking them.

  • Do not post pics from /r/gonewild here, unless you have the permission of the subject/original poster to do so.

  • Female and couples self-posters are warmly encouraged to submit here. All comments on self-posts will be positive, or they will be removed with the comment's author subject to being banned. Don't be a dick to people brave enough to show themselves here. If you don't have something nice to say, say nothing. Treatemright - get it?

  • I am notoriously not a "sauce" guy. Want to know where an image comes from? Search using Google Image Search, or Image Ops, or TinEye Reverse Image Search, or the NSFW Reddit Reverse Image Search Tool. If all these fail, you can always just fap to the pic and move on. Life is short and online porn is abundant.

  • Finally: If you report a post or comment for some reason, please send me a message letting me know that reason. I can't read your mind, and if I don't know the reason for the report I'm likely to ignore it.


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