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edibles: a friendly place to post recipes that get you high!

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All you need to know

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To decarb or not to decarb? "Only decarb if you want it to actually work" -- Old Hippie

Starter Recipes

Cannabutter: this is an easy step-by-step website that helps you make cannabutter, which, in the long run, leads to SO MANY good edibles.

Tincture Recipe (aka Green Dragon): this is a video tutorial for tincture by one of our treedibles mods, a far simpler extraction process than butter.

EdibleOnly's Oil Extraction (comprehensive and informative)

Canna Oil for Cooking #2

Vegetable Glycerin Extraction

Cannaflour and other THC Extraction methods

Boiling points and more in depth isolation

OH's Law: Formula to Calculate Edible / Capsule Potency

FriEnts of Treedibles

  • /trees: the mothership
  • /EntTreats: for delicious things to eat once you're high
  • /Petioles: a small positive community for those interested in responsible use


Treeedibles Searchable Cannabis Recipe Database - A place for people to submit, review, and easily find cannabis related recipes. Learn more at MetaWeed.

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