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MPP - Contact your state Officials to support regulating and taxing Cannabis

MPP - Contact your state Officials to support Medical Marijuana


A subreddit for the organization of information relating to cannabis prohibition and a place to discuss the ways to get involved in cannabis reform. Admittedly we have a focus on the US, but it will be difficult for change to come elsewhere before here.


Some Posting Guidelines

*Try to focus on well developed content that will enrich the community and help us work toward it's goals

*Please do not simply post cannabis related blogs - we have a focus on reform efforts

*Avoid any links with large unavoidable or video advertisements

Contact Your Elected Officials:

Contact the White House

Elected official lookup - NORML USA

WriteToThem - UK

Helpful Legal Status Information:

States with active MMJ programs(NORML)

State by state US cannabis policy(NORML)

Global listing of legal and medical status of cannabis - (Wikipedia)

Cannabis Prohibition & Reform Information:

List of State, National, & international Reform Groups

List of Cannabis related Documentaries

Pew Research Center's 2011 poll results: 45% of Americans support legalization

Gallup Poll 2011 results: 50% of Americans support legalization

Angus Ried Public Opinion Poll 2011: 55% of Americans support legalization

Report of the Global Commission on Drug Policy - 2011

Drug Decriminalization in Portugal - Cato Institute

Hemp info

*Cannabis Training University- basic hemp uses

*NORML - Industrial Hemp Use

*Vote Hemp


Pot TV Network - Streaming Cannabis info/news

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