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Our simple rules:

  • Be respectful: Good-natured trash talk is OK. Those who are overly negative or abusive will be banned.

  • Similar or duplicate content will be removed, please check before submitting.

  • Do not downvote just because you disagree.

  • Please keep the content 49ers-specific.

  • Memes and joke submissions will be removed, unless they're absolutely hilarious and in good taste.

  • Mods may remove posts, ban users without warning in any manner.

  • Blog submissions are permitted as long as they provide quality, creative and original content. Low quality content (basic game previews, recaps, fluff pieces, rumors, etc) will be removed.

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Draft Board

Rd|Sel|Ovr|Player|Pos|School :--:|:--:|:--:|:--|:--:|:--: 1|15|15| Traded to for 17th & 117th & 5th round 2016 pick | -- | -- 1|17|17| Arik Armstead | DT | Oregon 2|14|46| Jaquiski Tartt | SS | Samford 3|15|79| Eli Harold | OLB | Virginia 4|18|117| Blake Bell | TE | Oklahoma 4|27|126| Mike Davis | RB | South Carolina 4|33|132| DeAndre Smelter | WR | Georgia Tech 5|15|151| Traded to for 165th (round 5) & 244th (round 7) | -- | -- 5|29|165| Bradley Pinion | P | Clemson 6|14|190| Ian Silberman | OT | Boston College 7|27|244| Trenton Brown | OG | Florida 7|29|246| Traded to for 6th round 2016 pick | -- | -- 7|37|254| Rory Anderson | TE | South Carolina

Undrafted Free Agent's

Player|Pos|School :--|:--:|:--: Dylan Thompson | QB | South Carolina Dres Anderson | WR | Utah Marcus Rush | OLB | Michigan State Patrick Miller | OL | Auburn Issac Blakeney | WR | Duke Darius Davis | WR | Henderson State DiAndre Campbell | WR | Washington DeAndrew White | WR | Alabama Jermaine Whitehead | S | Auburn

Free Agency/Extension Tracker

Player|Pos|Status :--|:--:|:-- J Simpson|WR| 2-YR/$1.73M F. Gore|RB| 3-YR/$12M/$6.5M GR M Wilhoite|LB|Tendered/ERFA D Dockett|DT| 2-YR/$7.25M C. Dahl|FS|Restructured 1-YR/$1.3M/$0.2 GR M. Iupati |G| 5-YR/$41M/$22.5M GR D. Skuta|LB| 5YR/$20.5M/$8M GR P. Willis|ILB|Retired T. Smith|WR| 5-YR/$40M/$22M GR D. Carrier|TE|Extended - 3YR/$2.98M/$0.4M GR K. Nelson|LS|Extended - 4YR/$4M/$0.6M GR S Johnson|WR|Released C. Culliver|CB| 4YR/$32M/$16M GR E. Pears|G| 2YR/$4.7M/$1M GR R. Bush|RB| 1 YR/$2.5M/$1M GR P. Cox|CB| 3 YR/$15M/$2.25M GR C Borland|ILB|Retired C. Cook|CB| 1 YR/$1.35M/$0.65M GR S. Wright|CB| 1 YR/$2.95M/$0.25M GR M Crabtree |WR| 1YR/$3.2M/$1.3M GR

49ers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

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The San Francisco Bay Area Reddit

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Welcome to Reddit Bay Area, (General Rules)

San Francisco Bay Area


Around the Bay

Selected SF Bay Subreddits

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San Diego Chargers

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The Rules

  • 1. Please be civil. Do not purposefully post inflammatory content, circlejerk material or spam.

  • 2. Please refrain from making a self post that could just as easily be a comment. Removal will be at the discretion of the moderation team, and if you want to ask why a post was removed please message the moderators..

  • 3. Do not downvote based off team affiliation. Do not downvote comments that are critical of the team, owners, management, staff, players, or stadium plans simply because they disagree with your beliefs. Please save downvotes for inflammatory content, or anything that adds nothing to discussion. THE DOWNVOTE ARROW IS NOT A DISAGREE BUTTON!

2015 Schedule

Date|Logo|Team|Record| :|:--:|:--:|:--:| 9/13 1:05 PM||Vs. DET|0-0 9/20 10:00 AM||@ CIN|0-0 9/27 10:00 AM||@ MIN|0-0 10/04 1:05 PM||Vs. CLE|0-0 10/11 5:30 PM||Vs. PIT|0-0 10/18 1:25 PM||@ GB|0-0 10/25 1:05 PM||Vs. OAK|0-0 11/01 1:00 PM| |@ BAL|0-0 11/09 5:30 PM| |Vs. CHI|0-0 11/22 5:30 PM||Vs. KC|0-0 11/29 10:00 AM||@ JAX|0-0 12/06 1:05 PM||Vs. DEN|0-0 12/13 10:00 AM||@ KC|0-0 12/20 1:25 PM||Vs. MIA|0-0 12/24 5:25 PM||@ OAK|0-0 1/03 1:25 PM||@ DEN|0-0



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LA Seddit

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Community for Los Angeles and nearby sedditors

Local scheduling and arrangements stay here. Make sure to cross post all other posts to main sedit:


Guide to the Westwide

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San Jose State University

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Welcome to the SJSU subreddit. This is for anything related to San Jose State University. Students, alumni, faculty, prospective students and locals are all welcome.

Important Dates for Fall 2015

Day | Event :--|--: Tuesday, August 18 | Academic Year Begins – Fall Semester Begins Tuesday-Wednesday, August 18-19 | Pre-Instruction Activities: Orientation, Advisement, Faculty Meetings and Conferences Thursday, August 20 | First Day of Instruction – Classes Begin Tuesday, September 1 | Last Day to Drop Courses Without an Entry on Student's Permanent Record Monday, September 7 | Labor Day - Campus Closed Wednesday, September 9 | Last Day to Add Courses & Register Late Thursday, September 17 | Enrollment Census Date Wednesday, November 11 | Veteran’s Day - Campus Closed Wednesday, November 25 | Classes that start at 5:00 PM or later will not meet. Thursday, November 26 | Thanksgiving Holiday - Campus Closed Friday, November 27 | Rescheduled Holiday - Campus Closed Tuesday, December 8 | Last Day of Instruction - Last Day of Classes Wednesday, December 9 | Study/Conference Day (no classes or exams) Thursday-Friday, December 10-11 | Final Examinations Monday-Wednesday, December 14-16 | Final Examinations Thursday, December 17 | Final Examinations Make-Up Day Friday, December 18 | Grade Evaluation Day Monday, December 21 | Grades Due From Faculty - End of Fall Semester December 22-January 26 | WINTER RECESS Friday, December 25 | Christmas Holiday - Campus Closed

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/r/trees - home of the ents

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[/r/Trees Post of the Week #5] (

> Welcome to /r/Trees!

Please make sure to read the rules before posting.

> The go-to subreddit for anything and everything marijuana.

> Visual Posting Guide (click)

> Offences may result in a ban. Scroll down to read the Posting Rules.

> /r/Trees is indexed by Karma Decay.

/r/trees Plug.DJ Room

> Posting Rules

Remember: the rules change weekly! See 'The /r/trees Weekend' below.

  1. /r/trees is an 18+ community.
  2. Memes, image macros, screenshots, and off-topic posts need to be posted on /r/see.
  3. Do not ask for hookups, meetups, or advice on how to acquire trees, seeds, clones, etc.
  4. Be respectful to fellow posters – name-calling, rudeness, and trolling are not welcome here.
  5. Link posts must be directly related to cannabis.
  6. Do not post NSFW/porn.
  7. Do not post pictures of tagging or other vandalism.
  8. Do not post about deceased relatives, friends or pets.
  9. All forms of advertising are prohibited.
  10. The mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion.

> The /r/Trees Weekend


  • Every Saturday, we relax our rules. Links, images, GIFs, and image macros are all permitted for the day.
  • Not everything goes though: you still can't upload NSFW, ask for hookups/meetups, show disrespect towards other users or advertise anything at all.
  • This is a relatively new rule; see here for more info. >


  • Every Sunday, you can submit text posts only.
  • This allows for a break from all of the link posts during the week, so the community can share their stories and talk with each other. Naturally, we are less strict regarding the removal of text posts.

> Contact r/trees modteam - polite, concise messages will garner the best results.

> Activism on /r/Trees


> Students for Sensible Drug Policy

> Marijuana Policy Project


> ##UK Petition: Legalising

> ######Don't forget to contact your local MP! Click here.

> - > Click here to message the mods.

Colourblind support for /r/trees

Q: What are trees?

> # MENU Related Reddits

> Sort By Flair * under construction Entreddits: Location Specific * US Entreddits * World Entreddits * Social Entreddits: Interest Specific * Cannabis Industry * Tree Fans * Music * Ent Gamers * PCMR Ents (Gaming) * Entreddits Social Entreddits: Content Specific * Tree Art * Dab Art * Tree Comics * Growing Cannabis * Vaporizer Ents * Stoner Engineering * Cannabis Extracts * Cannabis Videos * Munchies & Edibles Entreddits: Knowledge * Newbie Ents * Quitting Trees * Growing Cannabis * Vaporizer Ents * Knowledge and Information * Tree Hardware * Tree Help * Nugs & Growing * Glassheads Entreddits: Other * Tree Business * Tree Elders * Tree Ladies Activism * Trees Activism * /r/timetolegalize * Students for Sensible Drug Policy * /m/TreeForm * Canada - Sensible BC Campaign IRC & Chat * ICanHazChat Channel, pw: pineapple * TreesChat, pw: pineapple * /r/TreesSkype * PuffPuffChat * ENTertainment * trees movie night * /r/TreeMovies * Cannabis Videos * Music * group * Soundcloud group (music by ents) * /m/TreeMedia

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University of San Francisco

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A subreddit for the USF community - current & prospective students, alums, professors, and anyone else! Post upcoming events, funny pictures, class recommendations, and anything else.

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Ventura California Redditors

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Welcome to the Ventura Reddit.

Everything and all things V-town, and a place for us to connect.

Some Nearby SubReddits:

Any Others? Let us know!

California Subreddits!

  1. Important Posts:

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