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bicycling (/r/bicycling)

> Interested in riding a bicycle? We welcome bicyclists of all skill levels including those who don't yet own a bike. Ask us your questions or meet up with other redditors in your area for local rides.

> Join our chat > > More about our chatroom.

> How to ride safely.

> Read our FAQ wiki before you post a question here; your question might have already been answered. > > Feel free to contribute to the FAQ! > > Just getting started? See the weekly new cyclist thread!

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> Twitter: @redditbicycling

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Copyleft: Films, Music, Software etc. Copyrighted to protect your right to copy (/r/copyleft)

Creative Commons, GNU, Public domain - If I'm encouraged to copy it, then your encouraged to post it.

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Free Culture - Libre software, formats, and media (/r/freeculture)

Part of the Free Culture Reddit Community!

The free culture movement promotes free software and formats, and other free media as forms of resistance against the privatization of technology, media, and ideas.

/r/FreeCulture - Organizing, activism, news, and discussion

/r/LibreProjects - Share and promote free cultural works

/r/LibreDesign - Graphic design

/r/LibreStudio - Audio/Video production

/r/Cyberfeminism - Anti racism/sexism/etc & technology

/r/FreeGaming - Free/Libre Video Games and Development

/r/CyberLaws - Technology and Law

/r/DarknetPlan - Decentralized internet


Community Norms for Safer Spaces

We recognize that the types of speech that dominate our space and the composition of people who occupy here are reflective of our values; there are no cooincidences. Therefore, it is our responsibility to create a safer space for marginalized identities including people with disabilities, people of color, LGBTQIA (lesbian, gay, transgender/transsexual, queer, intersex, and asexual) people, women, and class oppressed people.

We have no tolerance for oppressive attitudes, and expect accountability for any oppressive behavior. That is, any language or action that upholds ableism, white supremacy or peripheral racism, cissexism, heterosexism, misogyny, and/or classism. This includes slut shaming, victim blaming, body policing, etc. All members are encouraged to hold themselves and each other to our these community norms and to report any offenders to the group admins.

A visit from the political correctness police

Six rules for allies

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/r/trees - home of the ents (/r/trees)

> Ent Subreddits Local: US World Global local New Ents: /r/Saplings Activism: /m/Treeform Art, Comics, NSFW, Poetry, Stories: /m/TreeArt Ent fans of TV shows and movies: /m/TreeFans Edibles and munchies: /m/TreeFood Ent Gamers: /m/TreeGames General Trees: /m/Trees Knowledge and Information: /m/TreeKnowledge Pieces, Pipes, Vaporizers, etc.: /m/TreeHardware /m/TreeHelp Memes & random pictures: /m/TreeMeme Movies, Songs, Sounds, Books: /m/TreeMedia Nugs, Growing: /m/Nuglife Religious Ents: /m/Treeligion Trees Business and Marketing: /r/treebusiness Tree Elders * Tree Ladies

  • Welcome to /r/Trees! Please make sure to read the /r/trees posting rules

  • Posting Rules

  • As of March 12th, 2014

  • Your post must be directly related to cannabis

  • /r/trees is an 18+ community. Stating that you are under 18 will result in a ban!

  • Do not ask for hookups (or advice on buying trees) nor meetups. It will get you banned!

  • Memes, gifs, image macros, and off-topic posts need to be posted on /r/see.

  • Be respectful to fellow posters - Name calling, rudeness, and trolling are not welcome here. Violators won't be tolerated. This rule includes being overly aggressive/condescending towards other users, creeping on/objectifying the OP, any form of hate speech, threats, insults, etc.

  • Pictures of food or smoke spots must have cannabis visible to be considered cannabis related.

  • Do not post anything directly from Facebook or any other social media site.

  • Do not post/ask personal information.

  • Do not advertise. More

  • Do not post about deceased loved ones, please note this includes pets.

  • Do not post brands in picture of food.

  • Do not post NSFW or porn to /r/trees.

  • All posts must follow Reddit's Guidelines for posting.

  • note: the mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion

  • Contact r/trees modteam - polite and concise messages will garner the best results.

  • HOW TO - Change Your Flair & Highness scale

> Activism New Trees Activism Tracking Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Initiatives /r/timetolegalize Students for Sensible Drug Policy /m/TreeForm For Our CanadiEnts - Sensible BC Campaign

Donate to: Student for Sensible Drug Policy

Marijuana Policy Project

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