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San Francisco 49ers: For all things red and gold! (/r/49ers)

Our simple rules:

  • Be respectful: Good-natured trash talk is OK. Those who are overly negative or abusive will be banned.

  • Similar or duplicate content will be removed, please check before submitting.

  • Do not downvote just because you disagree.

  • Please keep the content 49ers-specific.

  • Memes and joke submissions will be removed, unless they're absolutely hilarious and in good taste.

  • Mods may remove posts, ban users without warning in any manner.

  • Blog submissions are permitted as long as they provide quality, creative and original content. Low quality content (basic game previews, recaps, fluff pieces, rumors, etc) will be removed.

> Message the moderators

Free Agency/Contract Extensions Tracker

Player|Pos|Status :--|:--:|:-- A. Boldin|WR|2-YR/$12M P. Dawson|K|2-YR/$6M K. Osgood|WR|1-YR/$955K B. Miller|FB|3-YR/$5.4M E. Wright|CB|1-YR/$855K P. Cox|CB|1-YR/$645K A. Bethea|SS|4-YR/$21M B. Gabbert|QB|6th RD Pick J. Martin|OT|Cond. Pick C. Cook|CB|1-YR/$730K D. Whitner|SS|4-YR/$28M T. Brown|CB|1-YR/$3.5M A. Dixon|RB|3-YR/$3.5M M. Manningham|WR|1-YR/$775K C. Rogers|CB|1-YR/$2.5M C. McCoy|QB|1-YR/$735K D. Dobbs|DL|Tendered/RFA M. Wilhoite|LB|Tendered/ERFA J. Goodwin|C|UFA

NFC West Standings

Team|W|L|Div|Strk|PF|PA|+/- :--|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--:|:--: Seahawks|13|3|4-2|W1|417|231|+186 49ers|12|4|5-1|W6|406|272|+134 Cardinals|10|6|2-4|L1|379|324|+55 Rams|7|9|1-5|L1|348|364|-16

2013 Post-season Schedule

Date| Time| |Opponent| Result :--|:--:|:--:|:--|:--: 01/05|1:40 PM|@| Green Bay|W 23-20 01/12|10:05 AM|@|Carolina|W 23-10 01/19|3:30 PM|@|Seattle|L 17-23

2013 Regular Season Schedule

Date| Time| |Opponent| Result :--|:--:|:--:|:--|:--: 09/08|1:25 PM|vs| Green Bay|W 34-28 09/15|5:30 PM|@| Seattle|L 29-3 09/22|1:25 PM|vs| Indianapolis|L 27-7 09/26|5:25 PM|@| St. Louis|W 35-11 10/06|5:30 PM|vs| Houston|W 34-3 10/13|1:25 PM|vs| Arizona|W 32-20 10/20|1:05 PM|@| Tennessee|W 31-17 10/27|10:00 AM|@| Jacksonville|W 42-10 Bye|||| 11/10|1:05 PM|vs| Carolina|L 10-9 11/17|1:25 PM|@| New Orleans|L 23-20 11/25|5:40 PM|@| Washington|W 27-6 12/01|1:05 PM|vs| St. Louis|W 23-13 12/08|1:25 PM|vs| Seattle|W 19-17 12/15|10:00 AM|@| Tampa Bay|W 33-14 12/23|5:40 PM|vs| Atlanta| W 34-24 12/29|1:25 PM|@| Arizona| W 23-20

2013 Pre-season Schedule

Date| Time| |Opponent| Result :--|:--:|:--:|:--|:--: 08/08|6:00 PM|vs| Denver|L 6-10 08/16|5:00 PM|@| Kansas City|W 15-13 08/25|5:00 PM|vs| Minnesota|W 34-14 08/29|7:00 PM|@| San Diego|W 41-6

TROPHY CASE | what's this? :--:|:--: | 5 Time Super Bowl Champs | 6 Time Conference Champs | | 19 Time Division Champs | 24 Post-Season Appearances | | Greatest Of All Time | Greatest QB | | Greatest DB | Greatest Backup QB | | Greatest Coach All-Time | Team Winningest Coach

49ers in the Pro Football Hall of Fame

Bay Area Sports Subreddits:

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14,809 subscribers - a community for 4 years - last post today [+]
The San Francisco Bay Area Reddit (/r/bayarea)
Welcome to Reddit Bay Area, (General Rules)

San Francisco Bay Area


  • General Question to /r/AskSF
  • Employment /r/SFBayJobs
  • Housing /r/SFBayHousing
  • Ultimate Moving to Bay Area thread.

Around the Bay

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San Diego Chargers (/r/Chargers)
5,211 subscribers - a community for 3 years - last post 9 days ago [+]

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LA Seddit (/r/LosAngelesSeddit)

Community for Los Angeles and nearby sedditors

Local scheduling and arrangements stay here. Make sure to cross post all other posts to main sedit:


Guide to the Westwide

608 subscribers - a community for 3 years - last post 2 days ago [+]
San Jose State University (/r/SJSU)

> Useful links Frequently Asked Questions Want to buy or sell books? Click here! SJSU Redditor's favorite places to study Best places to eat Major tags * Updates to /r/SJSU


> Nearby cities and regions San Jose Bay Area San Francisco Santa Cruz Oakland


> Nearby universities Santa Clara Univeristy UC Berkeley UC Santa Cruz Stanford San Francisco State Univeristy


> Filter Default Discussion Buying and Selling * Looking for Roommate


Welcome to the SJSU subreddit. This is for anything related to San Jose State University. Students, alumni, faculty, prospective students and locals are all welcome.

Important Dates for Spring 2014

Day | Event :--|--: December 23-January 20 | WINTER RECESS Monday, January 13 - Wednesday, January 22 | No registration activity Monday, January 20 |Dr. Martin Luther King Day - campus closed Thursday, January 23 | First day of instruction for Spring semester Friday, January 24 | Winter grades due from faculty Monday, January 27 | Winter grades viewable on MySJSU Wednesday, January 29 | Financial Aid fee deferrals expire (see Financial Aid's website) Thursday, January 23 - Tuesday, February 11 | Late Registration period for Spring semester Tuesday, February 4 | Last day to drop a class without a "W" grade for Spring Tuesday, February 11 |Last day to add for Spring, submit Audit option, submit Credit/No Credit grading option, submit Instructor Drops Wednesday, February 19 | Enrollment census date for Spring Monday, March 24 - Friday, March 28 | Spring Recess - no classes

1,204 subscribers - a community for 3 years - last post today [+]
/r/trees - home of the ents (/r/trees)

> Ent Subreddits Local: US World Global local New Ents: /r/Saplings Activism: /m/Treeform Art, Comics, NSFW, Poetry, Stories: /m/TreeArt Ent fans of TV shows and movies: /m/TreeFans Edibles and munchies: /m/TreeFood Ent Gamers: /m/TreeGames General Trees: /m/Trees Knowledge and Information: /m/TreeKnowledge Pieces, Pipes, Vaporizers, etc.: /m/TreeHardware /m/TreeHelp Memes & random pictures: /m/TreeMeme Movies, Songs, Sounds, Books: /m/TreeMedia Nugs, Growing: /m/Nuglife Religious Ents: /m/Treeligion Trees Business and Marketing: /r/treebusiness Tree Elders * Tree Ladies

  • Welcome to /r/Trees! Please make sure to read the /r/trees posting rules

  • Posting Rules

  • As of March 12th, 2014

  • Your post must be directly related to cannabis

  • /r/trees is an 18+ community. Stating that you are under 18 will result in a ban!

  • Do not ask for hookups (or advice on buying trees) nor meetups. It will get you banned!

  • Memes, gifs, image macros, and off-topic posts need to be posted on /r/see.

  • Be respectful to fellow posters - Name calling, rudeness, and trolling are not welcome here. Violators won't be tolerated. This rule includes being overly aggressive/condescending towards other users, creeping on/objectifying the OP, any form of hate speech, threats, insults, etc.

  • Pictures of food or smoke spots must have cannabis visible to be considered cannabis related.

  • Do not post anything directly from Facebook or any other social media site.

  • Do not post/ask personal information.

  • Do not advertise. More

  • Do not post about deceased loved ones, please note this includes pets.

  • Do not post brands in picture of food.

  • Do not post NSFW or porn to /r/trees.

  • All posts must follow Reddit's Guidelines for posting.

  • note: the mods reserve the right to remove posts at our discretion

  • Contact r/trees modteam - polite and concise messages will garner the best results.

  • HOW TO - Change Your Flair & Highness scale

> Activism New Trees Activism Tracking Cannabis and Medical Marijuana Initiatives /r/timetolegalize Students for Sensible Drug Policy /m/TreeForm For Our CanadiEnts - Sensible BC Campaign

Donate to: Student for Sensible Drug Policy

Marijuana Policy Project

579,613 subscribers - a community for 4 years - last post today [+]

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University of San Francisco (/r/usfca)

A subreddit for the USF community - current & prospective students, alums, professors, and anyone else! Post upcoming events, funny pictures, class recommendations, and anything else.

174 subscribers - a community for 2 years - last post 21 days ago [+]

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Ventura California Redditors (/r/ventura)

Welcome to the Ventura Reddit.

Everything and all things V-town, and a place for us to connect.

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Any Others? Let us know!

California Subreddits!

  1. Important Posts:
533 subscribers - a community for 4 years - last post 1 month ago [+]