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Music is a global phenomenon, spanning time, language, and culture. Till now most of the musical content on reddit is focused primarily on English speaking contemporary music. As it is the spirit of the /True franchise to foster greater depth of content, let's put together quality music that is representative of what music truly is - a global form of expression, experienced through the breadth of time.

This is not only a subreddit for "foreign music". This subreddit will also include some English language music, as it too fits under the pantheon of "world wide musical expression". Nothing is foreign when you got the whole world.

Global sounds, rarities, experimental, and forgotten classics. Light on the modern standards (indie, rock, hip hop, metal, electronic) - heavy on a new tickling of the ears.

Please follow basic Reddiquite.

Don't downvote something just because you didn't like it.

This subreddit is heavily moderated!

Artists that are reposted in less than a month will be removed!

Artists who have been posted more than five times will be removed!

Please format your titles properly:

Artist -- Song [Origin, Genre] (Year)

Put any additional information (further description, historical context, extra infos) in the comments. Thanks!


Read the discussions here and here for details.

Self promotional posts are not allowed here. For that, try /r/wearethemusicmakers.

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