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Welcome to /r/truecreepy

How is /r/truecreepy different?

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This subreddit is a place for creepy things, anything that you can think of that is genuinely creepy. This is no place for anything but creepy things.


  1. WE ARE NOT /R/CREEPY. Please keep cross posting to a minimum and use your better judgement. If your post can be cross posted to a humour or cute subreddit then it is probably not appropriate. If the content you are posting won't inspire nightmares find a more appropriate subreddit. The community is in control, if your post gets reported it will be scrutinised by the Mods and a decision will be made whether or not to allow the submission to stay.
  2. Comments that add no value to the discussion are discouraged and will be deleted. This includes "this isn't creepy" as well as "shouldn't have clicked this at [x time]". Questions, discussion and analyses are welcomed. Furthermore we kindly request that you be civil and respectful in the comments section. Treat other redditors like human beings or risk being banned.
  3. No novelty accounts
  4. No memes.
  5. Please use the NSFW tag if your post is NSFW.
  6. This is not /r/gore. Please go there if you want to see disemboweled bodies.
  7. Your post doesn't necessarily have to be "true" in the most formal sense of the word, works of fiction are highly encouraged. The true in the subreddit's name refers to being loyal and faithful to what is creepy and unsettling.
  8. If a post hasn't reached a minimum upvote level in a specific window it will be removed. That means that posts that are merely "ok" will be removed- ensuring only the best content remains on the sub.

If your post gets deleted please do not take it personally. This community tries to uphold a very high standard and as such we encourage people to post only the highest quality nightmare fuel.


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