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For those who like talking about games as much as playing them.

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Not sure how or what to post? Check out the /r/truegaming Guide.


  • Come up with a clear title; avoid sensationalism.

  • Clearly describe what you wish to discuss in detail in the message body in a meaningful manner.

  • Focus the discussion in a specific direction and avoid general questions ("what are your thoughts", "what games/mechanics are x", "discuss", yes/no questions, etc.).



  • Discussion threads about specific games, mechanics, tropes, etc. (be specific, and include discussion points).

  • News relevant to the gaming industry and culture (be sure to include discussion points).

  • Links to articles and videos that can serve as a jumping off point for discussion - but please include a summary and discussion points about the videos and articles.


  • DAE posts, or any similar variant.

  • Posts asking for idle speculation ("Why don't more games do X?", "Why isn't X more popular?").

  • Vague or overly general posts ("What are your thoughts on X?", "How do you feel about X?"). Posts should specify the context of the discussion, not just ask for thoughts, feelings, or opinions in general.

  • List posts ("What games do X?", "What are some good examples of X?"). Check out /r/gamingsuggestions.

  • Purchasing advice. For these, please go to /r/shouldibuythisgame or /r/gamingsuggestions.

  • How-to posts (see the game related sub for game hints, or /r/gamedev to discuss game programming and development).

  • Posts with only a link and no discussion points.

  • Posts about recent games for which another post already exists (use the search function).

  • Posts asking for research and/or study participation.

  • Rants/long-winded posts that are 100% opinion and don't facilitate discussion.

  • Links to your own external blog or website, we want no ulterior motivations to posting on the subreddit

  • If your post is not showing up in the new queue and it doesn't break any of the above rules, please message the mods as our spamfilter is somewhat aggressive.

  • Have questions/comments/feedback? Feel free to message the mods.


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[spoiler subject](#s "spoiler details")

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