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True TF2

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Subreddit Rules

  • Keep discussion to Team Fortress 2, gameplay, and strategy only. Off-topic posts, memes, gossip, and antagonistic format hate will be deleted.
  • No general questions like "How do I get better at <class>?" or "What are some tips for <class>?". Be specific.
  • No tech help, scripting, or HUD editing posts.
  • No looking for team/looking for player posts.
  • No theoretical change threads without substance. - example
  • No cheating or hacking threads unless it is newsworthy.
  • No match spoilers in thread titles for 24 hours after the match has taken place.
  • No advertising with the intent to sell a server or service for money or goods (quality services/charity/league/LAN related things are OK). Don't plug your content channels (Twitch/YouTube/etc) in posts.
  • No "frag vids" or SFM content.
  • Posts with links in them must have additional discussion built around them and should be high-quality content. (casts, player POVs, guides, news, community events)
  • Observe reddiquette and don't post to harass others.

Helpful Links

  • - An active community forum with a calendar of events and streams of matches. Covers only 6v6.
  • - A quick infographic style site with relevant beginner information on competitive TF2.
  • FPS Improvements - Increase your FPS and make your game run more smoothly.
  • TF2 Wiki - Most of the basic questions about TF2 can be answered here.
  • True TF2 Wiki - Alternate link to our subreddit wiki located on the top bar.
  • - A wiki for the competitively-minded TF2 player.


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