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Twin Peaks

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Spoiler Policy

  1. Spoiler posts must be marked with a corresponding [bracketed title tag].

  2. No spoilers in the title of posts.

  3. Respect the "Avoid Spoilers/First Time Watcher" flair.

  4. Refer to the "Spoiler Syntax" below when commenting major plot spoilers in any thread without a spoiler flair.

  5. For more info on our spoiler policy and what is considered a spoiler, refer to our Wiki Page.

Spoiler Syntax

[Warning Scope] (/s "your spoiler here")


[Warning Scope] (/s "your spoiler here")


  1. Please be civil. Bigoted comments/personal attacks against other redditors won't be tolerated.

  2. Submissions must in some way relate to Twin Peaks and/or the cast and crew.

  3. Submissions must have a [bracketed tag] at the beginning of the title.

  4. No reposts. Visit our Wiki Page for more.

  5. First time watchers - please see our Wiki Page before asking a question.

  6. No piracy, helping others pirate or asking for help pirating content.

  7. If you come across any rule violations, please report them or message the mods.

  8. Visit our Wiki Page for more detail.

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