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Quick start

  • Typography: The art and technique of arranging physical or digital type.
  • Typesetting: The act of arranging physical or digital type.
  • Type: Printed or digitally reproduced glyphs.
  • Glyphs: The symbols in a typeface that represent characters like A, ! or 5.

Note that type can be rearranged and reproduced. Handwriting – among other techniques – cannot.

What to post?

What not to post?

  • No typeface identification requests. Use /r/identifythisfont instead.
  • No lettering, calligraphy, handwriting, graffiti, illustrations. Glyph design is welcome.
  • No memes, image macros and similar submissions.
  • No bad typography. Only exception: It’s educational and non-obvious. Rule of thumb: If your submission is about Comic Sans MS misuse, bad keming or a funny typo, it’s likely better not to post it.

Please report such posts.

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