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Ugly ducklings that turned to swans

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Reminder! Vote based on their change, not their current looks.

>Want more?! Check out similar transformations at /r/blunderyears!

Post pictures of your pre- and post-pubescent lives!

Embrace that awkward feeling looking at your past self! You've come a long way!

General Guidelines:

1. Do not post pictures of people other than yourself unless you have permission.

2. Try to keep it SFW.

3. Indicate what age you were when the pictures were taken.

4. Losing weight is something we're all proud of, but the focus of this sub is a bit different. Pictures based solely on weight loss should be posted to subs such as /r/loseit or /r/progresspics.

5. Don't be that bully from 8th grade. No one wants to go back to those days.

6. Complimenting is encouraged, but nothing similar to "You are a x/10" or anything creepy. Violators comments will be removed and subject to banning.

7. Follow basic Reddiquette.

8. See a post that doesn't fit or a comment you don't think is appropriate? Report it and message the mods to let us know why you reported it.


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