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Welcome to Ukraine - Ласкаво просимо в Україну!

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Welcome to Ukraine!

Ласкаво просимо в Україну!

From translation requests, to travel advice - all posts about Ukraine (Україна) are welcome.

  • We love our native language, but we encourage to use English in this subreddit considering the major part of our subscribers are english speakers

  • Focus on topics involving Ukraine specifically.

  • Posting Russian propaganda and news from sites such as Russia Today, Sputnik, Lifenews, Tass, Russia24, Zvezda etc. can result in a permanent ban

  • Spam and multiple ad-links promoting your website or social network account will not be tolerated

  • Don't Repost: if you find something that might have been posted before, try not to do that again.

  • Be polite and respectful. This should go without saying, we are all friends here.

  • Tag NSFW if necessary.

  • No mobile link submissions: delete the "m." or "mobile." in the link and then resubmit.

  • Deliberate trolling, provocative posts, fakes and blatant lies will result in posts and comments being deleted and users being banned.

  • Follow Reddiquette.

  • Message the moderators if your post was incorrectly removed, you have a problem with a user, or there is any other situation that we can help you with.

Ukrainian Charity Foundations

List of NGO's for charity in Ukraine

Website dedicated at uncovering fake news and fighting propaganda

Our fellow subreddits are /r/ukraina and /r/theUkrainians which are primarily in Ukrainian/Russian languages and predominantly consist of discussions among Ukrainians.

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