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Welcome to unexpectedjihad!

Here you can post the videos where you find an unexpected moment followed by one of the music files shown below. Here is a Mac tutorial for making your own video. Thank you /u/uncannylizard

Here is some music if you're looking to create your own Jihad!

Thanks to /u/uncannylizard for this collection of music in mp3 format

Credit to /u/Siziph for uploading a collection of Allahu Akbar sound effects to YouTube

And for those of you who know how to use green screen videos in your video editor, here are videos of ISIS flags waving:

Full screen:

Bottom left:

Here you can find the download link and FAQ to the RUJ (Really Unexpected Jihad) extension for your browser.


1. Read the Reddiquette

2. DO NOT BE RACIST OR OFFENSIVE TO OTHERS. Please keep all posts light hearted and funny. All off-topic controversial posts and comments will be removed

3. No compilations, playlists, or reuploads.

4. Keep the posts unexpected. Unexpected means no giveaway in the Reddit and Youtube titles, nor the Youtube thumbnail. If the thumbnail features an explosion, ISIS flag, etc. it will be removed and we will ask you to choose a different thumbnail from within youtube, or mark your post NSFW.

5. Tag all request posts with [REQUEST]. If you'd like to submit a text post, please message the mods for us to approve it.

6. NO PORN OR GORE Those do not belong here and will be removed. If you'd like to post something that contains suggestive material, tag it as NSFW

7. Host the videos with YouTube or Vimeo, all others will be removed

8. Do not include the following words in your title: jihad, isis, terrorist, explosion, crazy, amazing, expected, unexpected, bomb, allah, allahu, ackbar, exploded, infidel, jihadi, Jihads, 9/11, boom, suicide, or bomber.

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