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This is a place to watch and share great videos with too few views. Thus making the unknown become the known... once this sub becomes known of course.

The Rules:

  • 1. A video should have less than 10,000 views at the time of submission
  • 2. Don't post brand new videos from well-known channels or videos that are already going viral (it will get over 10,000 views on its own). However, new videos from unknown channels are allowed.
  • 3. Nothing NSFW is allowed
  • 4. Add the view count to the end of the title: [593 views] and add any applicable flair
  • 5. Be nice! Up-vote videos if you like it and please watch a fair portion of the video before down-voting. Don't be rude in the comments!
  • 6. Submitting your own video is totally allowed, but is limited to one video per 7 days. Read our guide for more info on self-promoting in our sub and across Reddit.
  • 7. No videos that only serve as an advertisement (to a product, service, giveaway, etc.) We aim to entertain
  • 8. Don't post videos that only contain stolen content (this includes compliations without any original content or dialogue added). However, remixes or videos that abide by YouTube's fair use guide are allowed.
  • 9. No purposefully boring videos. All videos must at least make an attempt to be entertaining
  • 10. Gaming videos can only be posted on Saturday and Sunday. (This is calculated by the EST timezone)

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