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Upvote gifs

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Submission Rules

> 1) Only upvote / downvote gifs featuring at least one arrow are permitted as valid submissions.

> 2) Please link directly to the gif/webm.

> 3) No collections please, only single item submissions.

> 4) Please host your gif using one of the following: > imgur minus picasa (googleusercontent) gfycat


> Tip: You can submit your requests to /r/makemeagif or /r/gifrequests (then post the response here!).


> Reposts of anything from the top 25 of all time will be removed.

User Flair

> Flair is available to those who have submitted multiple OC creations!

> ---

> 5 submissions

> 10 submissions

> 15 submissions

> 20+ submissions (custom)

> ---

> To apply, send a message to the mods along with links to your submissions in this subreddit!


>Want to make your own? > >Here's some excellent tutorials to help you (made by great gif overlord matt01ss - Thanks!): > Creating gifs using After Effects and Imagemagick How to create up/downvote gifs Editing techniques in After Effects Making HD gifs with After Effects and Photoshop

Imgur upload

> If your gif is under 10MB, you can send a message to the mods with a link to your gif and we'll reply with an imgur upload link!

Source Images

> Here is a collection of high quality source images for use in your own creations!

> Thanks to deejay_reich and matt01ss

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