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Used Panties

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Welcome to /r/UsedPanties! This subreddit is restricted to adults 18 years and older only.

Welcome to the independent subreddit for the Used Panty Fetish community. This subreddit is for the sale of panties and other undergarments including bras, pantyhose, and lingerie. This entire subreddit is NSFW.

As Reddit intended, any Reddit user over 18 years old is welcome to post here immediately upon finding our subreddit. Come on in and join the fun.

Please note that posts at the top of the page labeled with "Promoted". Are advertisements that people purchased from Reddit. Our subreddit does not have any thing to do with the promoted ads or any control over what appears in the promoted area.



Please Read the rules carefully! Any rule violations will result in a 24 hour temporary ban.

•All regular Reddit rules apply. In addition, as an adult subreddit, we ask that people act as adults. Basically, be kind and considerate to each other, no flaming, trolling, put downs, or judgment posts.

•All panties posted must be worn by the user posting them and may not be sold without the owner's permission. Any panties worn by two people must have separate accounts that are both verified on this subreddit.

•Selling posts should be limited to two per seller per 12 hours.

•All selling posts must include the proper tag, a photo of the seller in panties, and a descriptive title. Please see below for appropriate tags.

•All selling posts must link to an image/video on imgur/giphy/ or use the Reddit photo upload.

•Sellers may link to their personal subreddits or websites in the comments of their post.

•Selling posts should be one individual selling an item worn by them. No group or third-party sales posts.

•No IRL or in person meetups can be advertised here.

•Absolutely no photos of anyone under 18. The words "High School", "Middle School", "Barely legal", "Little Girl", "Daddy" or any text insinuating underage persons or incest is not permitted in posts here.

An expanded rules guide can be found here

Peace, Love, and Filthy, Dirty Panties.


Use These Post Tags

[Selling] When posting about used panties you are offering.

[1-10] Combine with [Selling] tag if possible to denote scent strength. 10 being a very strongly scented and dirty gusset.

[Gusset Peek] When posting links to dirty gusset photos.

[Wanted] When posting about something you are looking for.

[Discuss] When posting a question or topic for discussion. Read the FAQ prior to posting.

[Seller Review] When posting a review of something or a used panty seller.

[Buyer Review] When posting a review of something or a used panty buyer.

[Panty Playmate] When offering a longer-term panty provider relationship.

Please note [Lookie] and [Hot Link] tags are no longer allowed


New Seller Guide


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