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Share sysadmin scripts.

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A subreddit for sharing useful scripts you've made or have found elsewhere. Any platform, any language.


Any script you run you do so at your own risk. Do not try and pin the blame on someone else if something goes wrong, such posts/comments will be removed. Always thoroughly read each script and test in a non-production environment before using for anything serious.

If you spot any malicious scripts, message the moderators.


Only post scripts relevant to the field of system administration.

  • Scripts must be in a readable format. I.e. not a continuous line.

  • Scripts must be properly commented, they can't be vague. A more thorough explanation at the top of the script is encouraged.

  • Scripts in English only

  • Formatting: [LANGUAGE] Description
  • No direct links to images.
  • Only link to pages with scripts on them.
  • If it's your own script host it on and link it here. Text posts screw with formatting.
  • When possible always provide syntax highlighting via pastebin.
  • Always provide a clear explanation of what the script does.
  • No malicious scripts.
  • Post changes/updates to existing scripts in the comment section, don't make another post.

If you're scripting in a language that's not listed, just give the post a proper prefix and I'll add it to the sidebar.






















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